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  1. Yup, won a spey rod on ebay: a 14 ft. 9/10 wt. St. Croix.
    They had me on pins and needles all week because I wanted this rod to fish the Bulkley next month. Supposed to be a $250.00 value. How do I know? The guy said so, that's why. I paid $159.61. I don't know if I got balled or not but it seemed worth the bucks to me because every spey rod I've touched has been around $500 to $1,000 or so. I don't have those kind of pennies.
    I already own a St. Croix travel rod, a 9ft. 4pc. 6wt., and I like it very much. I have had others who own St.Croix rods tell me that they are not such bad rods at all; in fact, they swear by them. Certainly it is the low end of all this stuff, but that's OK. I've been a low ender all my life.
    So, even though I have been critical of spey rods in the past as being totally unnecessary, let me now say that they are indispensable and an absolute must have for big Canadian waters. Any feedback welcome but don't hurt my feelings by telling me that I could have bought the rod in Seattle for less than hundred.
    Bob, the Low Ender:beer1
  2. Good on ya Bob. The St Croix is a decent spey rod. I use it as my backup. The price seems sweet to me. I'll be camped on the Bulkley around Sept20. Perhaps we'll run into each other.

    For when sleeping I dream of big fish and strong fights.Tacitus
  3. Now that you have that big heavy rod you have to go out and spend more of your retirement dollars on a reel and some very expensive line. And you will probably need some lessons so you will know how to fish with it. But other than that Congrats!!!!!. I hope you don't hurt yourself trying to cast with it.

    Jim The gloomy one:+
  4. Bob,
    Get you some lessons lined up!!! It's going to take you some time to get to where you can utilize your new toy and there isn't a better place to give it a work out.

    Seriously, shoot me an email if you'd like to hook up.

  5. Bob, as one who's "won" a few spey rods on eBay myself, I wonder: if you have to pay for it, did you win it, or buy it?
    Seriously, that rod does list for approx. $250 these days. I had that model as my first spey rod (of eight to follow). It's not the most scintillating instrument available, but it's a good, sound rod, and a fine size for an all-around spey rod (it's like a nine-foot six weight fly rod). Dr. Way Yin, the inventor of the Scientific Anglers XLT extended-belly spey line, and who, I think, placed third in the last two year's Musto annual spey distance competition in Scotland, speaks highly of it.
    I found that it was matched well with a DT10F line. For a more sophisticated line, check the opinions on Rio's web site and the Spey Pages at www. flyfishingforum.com.
    You've got a lot of fun ahead of you.
  6. Yea, I yucked at that "won" business and my wife asked about it. Same logic as yours. So I said that if you placed a $10 bet at Emerald Downs on Speedy Speedo and you get $540 paid at the window, didn't you just win $530?
    OK, I said; I guess that handles that. She just shook her head.
    I'm actually an excellent roll caster and I'm hoping that I can roll cast the hell out of that baby. Thanks for the info.
    Bob, the Don't call me nuthin' but "Spey," Stranger
  7. I'll drop you an e-mail on this.
  8. I would like to hook up, Skinny, and I'll drop you an e-mail in the morning.
  9. Do I detect a touch of jealousy here, my crusty old friend?
    I'm going to use my Fenwick 10wt. now as a back up to this spey job. The reel it had on it, my much beloved, but ancient Hardy St. Aiden, will be transferred to the new rod. I have two 10 wt. SA WF fast and medium sinkers, and 5 or so shooting heads, 10 wt. from very slow to very fast sink.
    So now Jim, don't mention any more money at this point. My wife has to settle down a bit because I just bought an Orvis Battenkill reel last month. Nothing but money out the window since I got this Canadian trip started.
    Now I'm lusting for one of those very fancy spey lines but I can't even think about that until my birthday or until my ship comes in.
    Bob, the One Waiting For His Ship To Come In.
  10. Yeah,it won't be hard to spot BOB when he's out there with his Spey Rod. He's the guy with the rod that is almost three times bigger than he is:rofl flailing away with that awful big stick:rofl .

    Jim :bawling The jealous one who wishes he had the go-nads to buy one
  11. or go-nads in general :p :p :p :p }( }( }(

    ~Patrick ><>
  12. One quick tip I'd like to have is: when I wind up and throw, does the line and rod get thrown in the water or just me?
    Bob, the One Needing Some Basics Here.
    :dunno :dunno :dunno
  13. Check out the Spey Masterclass Video, you can rent it from Mike at The Port townsend Angler. I think he rents them a few days at a time. A wonderful tape on the basics of the spey cast by the consummate pro. And he uses a Hardy Reel too Bob.
  14. Hi Bob,

    I did take time to read this entire thread. - Please don't tell anyone that I'm cooking for anyone that shows up! --

    As for St. Croix rods I think they are great! - I'll be brining 2 St. Croix 8 weights. I build them from blanks and I like them as well as my Sage and Winstons. I have never met a graphite fly rod that I did not like. They are all pretty good.

    As far as casting this new rod-- Well, don't count on me to give you any casting lessons with this thing. I could get it out there 100 feet, but it would not be pretty.

    I'll stay to my single handed rod this trip and watch you this time.

    As long as we keep our expectations real low for this trip, I can assure that they will be met or exceeded! This is often the key with dream trips - Every cast can be a success, if fished properly, and you don't fall in the river and you return to your camp in one piece. The huge trophy steelhead may or may not be realized.

  15. Hey Kevin,
    Right! No free lunch! Maybe a beer but no free lunch.
    I always like a guy or two to stop by when I'm fishing so I can add his experiences to mine, share notes and whatever.
    A multi-front is always better that a single assualt.
    Bob, the New Spey Authority On the Block. :thumb :thumb :thumb :rofl
  16. Bob,

    The 9/10 St. Croix is a fine rod to start with. It seems it is often compared to the 9140-4 Sage but it has much more backbone. You did well on the price and the rod.

    As for "big canadian waters" the Bulkley is much more like the Sky than the Skeena or Thompson but the long rod is nice there none the less.

    I also would be up for hooking up and passing on a few pointers if you want. I can usually get someone up and going with a passable Snap-T and Doublespey in a couple hours.

    Back to the Bulkley, we are up there the 21st through 28th. Not sure what days we are fishing the Bulkley as that depends on the weather. My last trip up we arrived to find the Kispiox blown and the Bulkley clear. The next morning the Bulkley was only fishable above Telkwa. The next morning, she was gone two. 2000 miles of driving, 9 days vacation, 1.5 days fishing and 2 fish. In short, pray it stays dry!

    If we are up there at the same time, we should hook up.

  17. Sinktip: there might be a little note in your in-box. I would love to hook up with you and as many "Muricans" as I can. If the Canadians move in to move us out, we''ll need more in than they have out. Do I get through here?
    Bob, the Not So Tough Anymore. Oh, and by the way, are you tough, Sinktip?
    :dunno :beer2

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