Wondering about Lakes near Seattle

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by mattskerritt, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Hey All
    I'm kind of a Noob... hit a couple of rivers about a dozen times, but Never fly fished a lake.
    And tips ya'll feel like sharing about good lakes, reliable lake flies, etc... would be appreciated.
    I've been eyeballing the rivers and lakes up near goldbar, if only on a map, and am wondering about that.. Lake Wallace? Lake Louise?


    Matt S.
  2. Check below in similar threads and whats been posted. Real close are Rattlesnake, Alice, Langlois and Pine.
  3. how close? I went down to Lake Kapowsin today and had a great time. Spent most of the day untangling the kids lures from bushes and lillypads but still managed to catch a few fish. Lake Kapowsin is near Puyallup which is a bit of a hike from Seattle but it is fun.
  4. Here's one. Spada Lake (no inflatables allowed or gas motors). Troll flies like Carey Special, Buggers, Six Pac, etc. Its' a big lake but if you fish the bays and avoid the wind you can have a blast.
  5. If you're into hiking, the Hwy 2 corridor holds some nice lakes that fish well. The smaller streams this side of the pass (stevens) are fun if you have a 4wt or smaller. Like all streams there are a few surprises for those willing to put forth the effort to explore. Now thru Oct. is a great time to hit the Cascades, put a stretch in your legs and a bend in your rod!
  6. Most of the streams are now closed.
  7. Thank you guys.
    It seems from what I'm learning, fishing lakes really requires some sort of watercraft. (lots of threads about trolling - ref:TD) Any wading-friendly lakes?

  8. The Mountain Loop out of Granite Falls has lakes that can be fished from shore & wading. They are hike/walk in lakes. The difficulty on the Westside is that lakes typically get deep rather quickly and the shores are confined with trees and brush that limit back casting. Also, the ever present Private Property Fences. This is not to say that it can't be done. It just takes some compromise.
  9. Understood!. Thanks for that... and all of it.

    Now, I'm off to to the Yakima, to stick with what I know! Sort of.


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