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  1. I started fishing the Delaware River last year and eventually moved my RV trailer to a campground on the Upper East Branch. I wade fish all the time but I have been pondering on getting a boat because of the freedom it gives you. The thing is I don't know if I want the hassle of a drift boat with trailer etc. The price is also a factor and it's mostly me by myself fishing. I'm not a guide or anything like that so, I don't need anything fancy. Also the Delaware doesn't have any rapids as such, at least where I fish.

    I have been wondering if a regular aluminum Jon boat 12' (skiff) would work if I installed an anchor system. I know these are loud but I could install some glue down out door carpet on the bottom and sides. Just wondering what you guys think and would it be safe on this river. The reason I'm stuck on a boat is because I want to be able to stand and cast. Particularly with streamers etc. Could I get away with not using a drift boat. Thanks Jimmy
  2. How about a canoe? A larger Al. one with a flat transom and electric motor. Stable enough to stand in and it will cover a lot of water.
  3. Thanks for the reply...I've thought about a canoe but, can you install an anchor system on one without flipping it when it's dropped. I want to be able to drop anchor on rising fish when I see them.
  4. Also, something I should add is I 'm not a swimmer so I'm a bit wary of canoes.
  5. Can't swim? Even the biggest boats sink. Maybe you should put a hold on fishing and take a class. Lifejacket will keep you afloat but, you still need to swim.
  6. Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Any thoughts on weather my Jon boat idea would work.
  7. Jimmy,
    Lacking the abilty to swim, a life jacket will eventually carry you into trouble if you cant make it out of the main channel/currents of a river.

    I suggest a pontoon boat, they break down and pack in a vehicle. They are stable enough to stand and use the lean bar. An anchor system is available on most quality toons.
  8. A jon works great in a river although I think a 12 footer is a bit small. Below is mine which is 17 feet long, over 5 feet wide on the bottom and it still rocks but makes a very stable fishing platform. If you go with a jon style boat get as big of one as you can and take your time setting it up.


  9. is that the well known speymaster WW multitasking while fishing in the last photo?
  10. I notice your anchor is in the front and not the rear. Is there a reason? Apart from the obvious been there's an engine there.
  11. And using a single handed rod.
  12. I can swim enough to get by. I just don't consider myself much of a swimmer. I want something that's stable and not prone to flipping and losing gear and ruining the day.
  13. You want the bow pointed into the current on anchor.
  14. If you look closely you will see that there is a rear handle on that 3wt spey rod...one of only two ever produced.
  15. I like my boats.
    I like to be able to stand up for casting a sight fishing reasons.
    I just don't like boating alone.
    I don't like to wear a PFD all the time esp. in hot weather.
    Here's the deal. If you fall into cold water head first the first thing you do is inhale then you sink and drown. Even with someone else on board you might still be doomed.
    Damn, I didn't mean to get off on a rant.
    If your going to be fishing in rivers from a boat you will need horse power.
    Minimum in my book for a river boat is 14' with 10 hp.

  16. You are mostly correct in your assessment of what happens when suddenly immersed into cold water. Yes, an uncontrollable reaction of the body is sudden inhale. Now you are in cold water, you can’t breathe because you are choking on cold water, you are disoriented and next panic sets in. This is what kills you; panicking. The key, which is easier said than done, is to not panic and think your way out of the situation. Read attached story, http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com...rman-rescued-in-the-skagit.85289/#post-793403. A truly amazing tale of survival. Don did more to save his own life than anything else that happened by not panicking and thinking his way thru the situation. Shit happens fast on the water. Be prepared and understand what happens if you suddenly get dumped. I took a cold water survival course years ago which opened my eyes to the dangers of boating and fishing cold rivers. Read up on the affects of cold water on the body and how to deal with sudden immersion.
  17. We used to use a little 8' pram on the Perkiomen Creek in SE PA, and canoes on the mainstem Delaware around Milford to Shawnee. I would think a 12' skiff would be fine on the upper Delaware, but you might get banged around a bit on the rocks. Water temp isn't much of an issue in the summer on the Delaware--used to get into the 80s ... Probably a bit cooler on the upper East Branch, but still in the upper 60s to low 70s
  18. I decided to go with a drift boat. I have made a deal with a guy for a 14' Larvo Drifter. Nice boat in great condition. I'm excited about it. It will be so nice to not have to worry about land owners and being able to fish where I want. Thanks for all the replies.
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  19. Nice selection Jimmy.

    Throw a 9.9 on the back and you can motor up and down.

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