Wood for boats

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    Ummm, I don't want to step on any toes here, but there are some issues here that need to be discussed.

    Wood does not want to breathe, its dead. Applying anything to the surface is going to "lock it up" in some way. Whether it is oil, wax, varnish, paint, or epoxy. Epoxy sealer is no different in kind, only in degree.

    You do want to lock it up completely. This will reduce the rate at which water is absorbed into the wood. What you said about water getting in through a damaged area is true, but it is the mold spores and oxygen along with the water that causes rot. Using only a penetrating expoxy sealer would not help prevent this.

    Here are four excellent articles to read. They are by Dave Carnell who is "a retired chemical engineer who has been messing about in boats for well over 50 years":
    Waterproofing Wood
    Chemotherapy for Rot
    Latex Paint For Boats
    Epoxy Knowhow