Wood River Gliderider Info Needed

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by trout bum, May 11, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with this float tube? Having a hard time finding any info, specs, pics. I know Wood River is now a UK company, but nothing much more than that.
  2. I have a GliderRider and a StealthRider. What would you like to know about them?
    (workin' in the yard..in and out)
  3. Thanks Mark. I'd like to find out the weight capacity, quality, how it rides....any opinions you might have in general. Should I be worried about bladders if needed?

  4. I owned 2 Glideriders and 1 Stealthrider, sold them two years ago due to bad knees ending my kicking days, after buying the first one 25 years ago. incredibly comfortable, lightweight, efficient....never had a leak in any of them. My understanding is that when Ed closed shop and moved to the UK some years back, he left the float tube business behind. Since you can't get any warranty service, something to consider.
  5. I own a Stealthrider from which I lost one of the inflation valve pieces and in looking for a replacement, I came across this site: http://www.spartonfly.co.uk/Float_Tubing/float_tubing.html. Pete Ross, founder of Wood River, has licensed the manufacture and repair rights of his float tube design to Stephen Sparton whose Sparton Company is located in the UK.
  6. Just another option . . . SuperCat is still made by a US company (New World Mfg in California). They have a solid reputation for high end kickboats.
  7. Found out the info I was looking for.....thanks again, Mark.

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