Wood Working.

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    I do woodworking and enjoy building fly tying furniture. Thought I would post a few pictures.Desk is walnut and figured maple.

    View attachment 23823 tying desk & hackle chest 010.jpg tying desk & hackle chest 004.jpg
  2. kenfishbum New Member

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    Picture of the desk. It did not show in first post. tying desk & hackle chest 001.jpg
  3. GAT Active Member

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    WoW! Another beautiful example of craftsman woodworking. I envy your talent. My Dad was that good but I didn't inherit his woodworking genes.... I inherited all his bad ones :D
  4. allenro Active Member

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    Beautiful. Way too nice for my tying skills. I'd have paint,head cement and superglue all over the tabletop before you know it.

    Really nice.
  5. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Very nice joinery there...very nice. Not to mention some really nice wood. Was this a custom build for a customer?
  6. Mark Mercer Member

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    Sweet! If thats for someone besides yourself they're one lucky tier. Very nice!!!
  7. Big E Moderator

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    That looks even better than on paper. Thanks for finishing up early. Let me know when you would like to deliver it.
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  8. Dottiesdad Member

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    Very nice. I love the proportions and clean lines.

    Really a lovely piece of work.
  9. scottybs Active Member

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  10. kenfishbum New Member

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    Thanks for the complements Guys.
    Roper, Yes for a customer. I build a few pieces a year to support my
    fly tying and fly fishing addictions.
  11. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    Wonderful finish and choice of woods.
  12. troutpounder Active Member

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    WOW that is beautiful. You should sell these
  13. wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

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    Ok Alls I did on my wife's school project was the stain, polyurethane and table assembly. The kids did the tiles, the wife did the grout....
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