Wooden Fishing Boats

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Bob Triggs, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Home made or store bought, antiques, classics, or modern, clinkered lapstrake or maybe stitch and glue, kevlar and epoxy coated or pine tar and turpentine boat-sauce coated... lets see em here! Building stories, ideas, experience?
  2. nomlasder Active Member

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    Progress can continue, I think I have found a shop. Big enough to do whats needed, without being negative cashflow.

    One small step for wood drifters, one giant leap for keeping the peace at home.
  3. Jon Borcherding New Member

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    Sam Devlin design. "Cackler"
    Designed and built as a duck hunting skiff but it makes a great fly fishing boat for the sound. As my FF skills improve I think I am going to surpass my duck count with SRC netted on this boat.:thumb:

    It's meranti plywood, stitch and glue with an 80 mil. coating of polyurea bedliner. The bottom is sprayed smooth and the sides and interior have the nonskid texture. It's sporting an olive drab paint job now. With the recent addition of swivel seats on aluminum stands, a fish finder, and a portable GPS it's the perfect Puget Sound SRC boat for me.

  4. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    Bob, so when do we get to see pics of 'Hope'?
  5. theworm New Member

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    My brother suddenly passed a couple of months back. He was the one who got me jacked-up about fly fishing. Some of my most memorable times were with my bro fishing. About twelve years ago, he built a McKenzie Drifter. He became busy with his kids while working 70+ hours a week and fishing was unfortunately no longer a priority. The boat has been sitting in his garage and has only been used a couple of times. In the next couple of weeks, I will be inheriting this boat. I haven't seen it in a couple of years so I don't know what type of shape it is in. My goal is get my 11 year old nephew, who is my brother's son, enthusiastic about fly fishing and restore the boat so that he can enjoy his father's boat.
  6. DrCrush Never2Tired2Fish

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    Here is mine. Never used my float tube after I built it.:beer2:
  7. East Fork Active Member

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    Bob, I've owned 3 wood boats. All were wonderful almost living things in the first half of their lives and a real pain in the ass towards the end. If you have the time, budget and the inside storage, wood is a great material, maybe the best. If you don't, save yourself the grief and get a good looking glass or aluminum shell with some nice wood trim. That's my 2 cents anyway.
  8. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    JonB, very nice wooden duck boat.

    What I really want is to build a pram like DrCrush's. That's sweet! I should have the time to build one next summer...this summer is already booked with projects!

    I want something I can load into the back of a small P/U. I've been hauling my "heavy" glass Don Hill mini-drifter on my canoe trailer, as it won't fit into the back of my Mazda B2200, and it really doesn't fit on the canoe trailer properly either. It's OK for short hauls, but not for out of my "neighborhood."

    Sunday I had to abort a trip to the river, as I noticed that the mini drifter was leveraging some heavy stress on the bunk arms. I inspected everything and found a large crack in the aluminum on one of them:eek:

    Lucky thing I noticed it, as it could have broken on the road. I am making a special add-on rear bunk to attach to the trailer to better distribute and handle the load until I can find a more suitable driftboat/pram trailer. (Gotta get it to the river).
    The boat is lighter than the rated load for the canoe trailer, its just too wide for the bunks, and so leverages too much stress on the aluminum bunk arms. I'm ordering a new rear bunk arm from the manufacturer.

    With all the maintenance I'm doing on my aluminum squanoe (sand and refinish Gluvit coating on bottom) and trailer lately, a wooden pram doesn't sound like all that much more work/maintenance.
  9. Milt Roe Member

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    Hopefully these pics will upload. Some of you have already seen my boat, but I'll paste these up anyway in case anyone is interested. I've got a ton of pictures taken during construction from building a jig, framing up the ribs, laying the planks, etc. I'll share more if anyone wants to see them.

    I used the original 1930's skiff as a pattern. New one is all clear red cedar planks, fir frames, 14 ft double station, fits in the back of the truck. Draws 2 inches, rows like a hot knife through butter, perfect craft for SRC fishing in the S Sound.
  10. nomlasder Active Member

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    So is anyone interested in getting together sometime this year and showing thier pet projects?

    This is becoming more popular. I know there has been a show in Jackson for the past few years, and the folks in Vida OR have been getting together. See web link http://www.mckenzieriverdriftboat.com/

    I may trundle down to this one to meet some of the founding fathers, or at least their sons. What an amazing legacy. We are so blessed with the results of their desire, curiousity and experimentation.

    Builders, let me know your thoughts and suggest some places and times. The challenge is finding some common ground (water) for the different styles. I'm good with stillwater, as long as there is an evening drift close by. We can do this like some of the antique car shows, and have an entrance fee, with the small plaque or trophy to the winner and proceeds to charity like TU, CCA or Ho River Trust.

    Lets have some fun.

  11. nomlasder Active Member

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    Forgive me, 'cause I've had a couple of beers.

    So no one wants to get together and show off the fruits of their labor?

    I know all you guys are proud or your creations.

    Let's get together and show off your stuff. I for one am jones'n to see your guys work first hand.

    Let's go fishing!
  12. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Read this thinking, man I sure couldn't take one of them down the klick. Tubes or raft was what I was thinking because if it's in the water, I'll hit it. So then I thought, instead of aluminum frames, why not wooden frames for a tune or raft. It would be heavier than something with air bladders, but lighter than fiberglass or aluminum boats. Is that possible? Nice teak decks to stand on, but less build time without having to build a hull?
  13. nomlasder Active Member

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    Interesting concept Matt. I can see a steam bent alternating color laminated wood frame with stainless hardware. Not being a pontoon guy myself I would have to study it a bit, but very doable.

    The odd part about the boats, it only takes a couple of days to loft a boat. The time is all in the front deck and interior.
  14. kjt111 Member

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    Here's mine - completed last year.

    Ross, I'm down with a get-together. I know there are several guys in WA who've built or restored their own boats. We've batted around the idea of a meet-up in the spring maybe on the Yak?

    Ideal location will be somewhere with a good sized gravel bar where we can oogle the boats. If we wanted to do local to Seattle, the Ben Howard launch might be an option when the flows are down?

    Let's keep bouncing this around!
  15. nomlasder Active Member

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    Excellent work Kevin, they are a joy to row huh.

    I'm good for the Yak, nice wide gravel bars are hard to find, but I'll talk to the Jerry at KOA in Ellensburg if we could use his launch area. I don't know the folks at Reds well enough to ask them. Summer time, warm days, golden evenings.
  16. Milt Roe Member

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    Here's another wood boat in my collection - This one is a 16' Listerbuilt my grandfather had. Made in Olympia 1930's. Has an inboard air-cooled engine that pushes it at around 5 knots between fishing spots. Cedar strip construction on oak frames. Makes a nice casting platform fro SRC, and the little cabin stays warm.

    I got broad-sided in it a few years ago by some drunk pulling away from shore in a big gas-hog cruiser. Took the cabin pretty much off the boat, and swamped the back end. Needs some more work to get it back in the water, but I'll get to it eventually.
  17. Mstein New Member

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    Here's a pic of my baby...



    I had great time building this and looking to start another project....

    I'm hoping to make it to the Mckenzie show this April and definitely interested in hooking up with some of you Seattle boyz for a float... April and early May work, March is a little booked though....
  18. Mstein New Member

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    uh, how do you attach via sm. thumbnail... sorry to post the ginormous pics...
  19. riverrun Member

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    Nice job building your boat. It looks great. I have not yet tried to tackle building a Montana Boatbuilders kit, but hope to have the time to do so someday soon. Meanwhile, Jason built two boats for me. I am proud to own his 3rd (driftboat) and his 50th (2 Person pulling boat). Both are incredible boats, a joy to row, and way more durable than people could imagine. I am planning to trade up to one of his newer driftboat models, probably a Kingfisher, this year. According to my wife, the first step is to sell the existing driftboat, a task I have found too hard to do, so far.

    A wooden boat festival would be great. I am in the Seattle area, but would travel a reasonable distance to join. Moving or still water is fine with me.

    Here's my two:

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  20. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Don...too late. Im doomed. :rolleyes: