Wooden Sleds?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by N-forker, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Does anyone out there still use a wooden sled or river boat, not a drifter but powered by an outboard- maybe 40 to 60 HP jet variety? I've been thinking about an additional boat for early season flat water river, and lake applications and have a soft spot in my heart for wooden craft. If you you have pictures, ideas, or any insight I'd love to hear....

    This boat pictured is from BC, I found it on the "ol' Inter-Web", looks sweet to me- if you know it's history or how to get plans...

    Cheers! K-
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    Take a look at Glen L boats. The Scrambler and Rogue Runner come immediately to mind. Also the Montana Boat Builders Kodiak. The sled pictured is a nice boat! I saw it on a thread on Wooden Boat People and believe the guy who posted the picture mentioned who made it. WBP has some good info as well as pics of Crump's sled.
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    FL Gator,

    Thanks for the info, yea, at one time my father an I build a Glen-L boat, the T' n' T- powered it with a 25 HP, a real Lower Sound rocket! Their boats look good, and a stretched Scrambler to 16.5' might be just the ticket! The Kodiak is sweet, although at 15K for just a hull, a bit out of my price range- and kits aren't available last I checked- I'll have to look into plans though- if I remember correctly it not only has a bit of a tunnel but also incorporates honeycomb and kevlar which are a bit advanced for my rudementary fiberglass skills.

    Thanks for the info. I'll look at WBP and find some more info on Crump's sled.

    Best! K-
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    Greg Tatman used to sell a wood sled kit in 16 and 18 foot that was a great looking boat. It still shows in his outdated PDF catalog but not on currrent products website. I bet they could still put a kit together for you. Page 11 of the old catalog at http://www.gregboats.com/catalog.pdf
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    I've seen one boat like the one in the image on the Kenai River up here. Painted about the same colors too. It moves just fine, but the guy seemed to really know where he was going though.
  6. Charles Sullivan

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    I have not been able to find plans for a Dean River sled. Let me know if you get a set.

    There are several other types of sled plans available.

    Go Red Sox,
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    Go to bateau.com and do a search in the forum. There have been two (at least) such boats built using the company's plans. One is a GF16, basically a jon boat with a 25 Merc, I believe. The other was an FS14, a vee-bottomed skiff matched with a 30-hp Tohatsu. The latter build was documented pretty well.