Wooley Bugger Fly Swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scott Behn, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Y'all know that we have many a fly swap and I've been in a couple myself, but what I'm wondering is, has there ever been a fly swap done on a specific fly. What I'm am talking about would be a fly swap done for wooley buggers, okay, and instead of receiving 12 or so different flies we would receive different variations of the wooley bugger. just a thought I would like to do one or be part of one.

    Truth be known...I am running low on wooley buggers.
  2. Good Idea

    I would go in with ya but I am in the marathon swap an its going to take more concentration and persistance than I have when doing two swaps. Good Idea though.
  3. bugger

    m.a. , if we hook up in ennis i will give you a "saddle mountain weapon" which is a mutant bugger. if i knew how to put pics on the site i would but you cant teach an old dog new stuff. mike w
  4. We did something similar with Adams a while ago. The swap turned out great! I swapmeistered that one, and I'd do it again if folks showed any interest. I could always use some motivation for tying up some buggers.

    Mine will be the Grizzly Snarl. Tied with Green grizzly tail, sparkle green chenille, Green grizzly hackle and a grey grizzly collar.

  5. Cool...so that makes 2 of us so far. I was just going to tie a simple completely olive bugger with a copper bead head
  6. Ok!

    I'd be interested in getting in on this swap. Haven't done one in a while and WB's are easy.

    I'm in.

  7. To swap-or-not to swap?

    I guess this swap is not going to actually happen? lack of interest?


  8. Count me in.
  9. Wooley Buggers,heh.

    Well if this is going to happen I would like to get in on it. My fly of choice is a Yellow W/B with brown hackle. I know it works in lakes but I haven't tried it in rivers yet.

    Now all I have to do is win the lottery so I can afford the hooks,feathers,and thread. It's hell on a fixed income.

    So if this is going down please let me know when or what.

    I know I don't do this much but being that it is a W/B I should be able to do these. Or come up with a new twist on one.

  10. I'm in for some of this action
  11. I figured that this had just fell to the waist side awhile back...Well right now I count 6 that are in.

    I think if we can get around 12 tyers here within today or tomorrow I think we should give this a max of 30 days...how does that sound with everyone?
  12. I'll go in too, if you all are going to do it. Just let me know the details.
  13. Okay so far we have:
    old man

    Can we get at least 3 more folks...with such a simple pattern it should be pretty quick. I'm thinking of setting a 30 day swap. I'll give the sign-up till tomorrow morning whether we have at least 10 or just what we have now. If it stays the way it is now, perhaps we can think about tying twice the number present, any thoughts?

    Bugger Fly Swap
    12506 16th St. NE #A-5
    Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258

    This is my first time being meister so any input is appreciated.
  14. My handle is

    a captial "O" not a little "o" As in Old man. If your gonna write my name down get it right :p

    Well as I see that you live that close I could just get them tied up and bring them over and save a a few cents on postage.

    Jim :)
  15. OOps I reckon that's a little slip of the "finger" :hmmm:

    or even better yet meet a certain creek... ;)
  16. I'll hop in. It'll be my first time. Let me know the details and I'll get to work.
  17. I don't know how you guys feel about this but I'm thinking that being tomorrow morning is the deadline for sign-up that Oct. 2 should be enough time to get the flies done, what y'all think? Thats 3 solid weeks to do buggers. Then That following monday I'll ship them out.

    By the way I think I'll tie up a beadhead olive bugger w/ purple hackle.
  18. wholley Bugger swap (as in Sedro)

    Hey Scott thanks for hosting the swap.
    I'll join in if there's room still. Let me know right away though. I'm also in the Marathon swap but, should have plenty of time to do both.
    Randy Diefert
  19. Randy you make the ninth so far...
  20. Final list

    Okay here is the final list:

    Myself - olive beadhead w/purple hackle
    Irafly - grizzly snarl
    Papafish -
    flylikeIdo -
    Old Man - yellow w/brown hackle
    Nooksack34 -
    Diehard -
    Joe M. -
    Randy Diefert-

    Bugger Fly Swap
    12506 16th St. NE #A-5
    Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258

    All flys due no later then 02 Oct 04, which is a Sat., then I'll send them out on that following Mon.

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