wooley worm out fished the wooley bugger today

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chris Banta, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Chris Banta Member

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    I went on a camping and fishing trip with my girlfriend this weekend. on saturday i was using an olive wooley bugger and did pretty well catching about 20 fish in about 4 hrs of fishing this fly has worked well all year so far on this lake. on sunday i fished again and in about 2hrs i caught only 1. i tried several different buggers, black, brown,olive with no luck. i tied on a brown wooley worm and all of a sudden every cast i either had a bite or caught a fish, on some casts i had several bites. i continued to fish for another hour until my feet got to cold to stay in the water any longer. what would the woolley worm imitate that the wooley bugger wouldn't?
  2. Ryan Singh-Cundy Member

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    thats just weird, i have almost never had any luck on a wooly worm and tons on a bugger
  3. Chris Banta Member

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    i fished another lake that is close to this one last year, and a little this year, and i haven't ever caught a fish off of a bugger, but iv'e had great sucess with a wooley worm at this lake.
  4. colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

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    the wolley worm maybe just enough different to make the trout think they havent seen it a thousand times before.
  5. Chris Banta Member

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    i thought about that to , but this lake doesn't get alot of fly fisherman. there is a healthly population of bull trout, maybe the wooley worm looks more like a tiny bull trout than a bugger does.
  6. Brian Thomas Active Member

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    Caddis larvae ? Shrimp ?
  7. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    Caterpillars? Ain't heard of a Woolie Worm in many years. May have been taking it for a dragonfly nymph . . . appears the longer tail of the 'Bugger was turning them away.
  8. Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

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    Chris were you fishing it like the bugger? I used a small yellow wooly worm with a black strip up the topside called a crackleback. It looks alot like the local caterpillars here. Super slow retrieve, fished on the bottom. Worked a few times, but then they got sick of it, or my poor ability.
  9. Chris Banta Member

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    I fished it with an intermidiate sinking line , but didn't fish it very deep i was in probably in 8-10' most of the fish seemed to be close to the surface. i used about two 2-4" strips followed by a short pause , but im not sure if it would have mattered what kind of retrieve i used.