Woolley Bugger Swap - Newbie to Expert Tiers Welcome

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. How is everyone doing? Just checking in with you all. Two sets in hand, a third set in the mail.
  2. I should have mine out to you by weeks end. Almost done tieing, ran out of coneheads though which I'm picking up today.
  3. My ties should be finished up in a day or two; go ahead and PM the address.
    Great trout fly; early/late in the day.
    They'll be mailed back by early next week.
  4. All tied and sitting on my desk. Just need an addy (or I can give them to you at the Hoh Down)
  5. Your choice man, kind of hurts my feelers that you want to mail them to me instead of meeting up somewhere. Not like we live more than 15 miles apart or anything...
  6. Ed: I don't know if you got my buggers yet but I just realized that I forgot to put the toe tags on. I am sorry!! mine will have to be the anonymous bugger flies, tied by whatshisname.
  7. Jesse, I got them the day before yesterday and updated post #1. I'll take photos so everyone knows they were tied by me...where the hell are Jesse's flies? Anyone heard from Jesse? Your flies are great. Two sets in, Kirk's and yours, and these will be getting wet and munched a lot.
  8. Ed when you get them early like this do you give them a test drive before dividing them up?
    And btw would you correct your typo in your sig it is driving me crazy. Where did you throw out the first pitch.
    Sue somebody get that ball Ed is probably worth a lot of money.
  9. Since they are not tagged...do they exist? Might be cause for fishing. Throw! Dang, I'm an idiot. Many thanks. Ball is probably only worth something to me. I never fish any flies but mine until after the swap is all done and finished proper like.
  10. It's just that I know how much you like the postal service :rofl:
  11. Rob thats more distinctions than I have regarding wooly buggers

    looks like Im doing a do over ...
    your flies are aways so nice the last thing I wanna do is send you the wrong fly

    don't forget this thing is open to newbies so looks like I am getting schooled
  12. Rob is stepping on all of our sensitive feelings today. He must need a trip to the Hoh to get him "right as rain" again.
  13. mine's all done. sending out tomorrow.
  14. Eric Tarcha's flies are in. Nice!
  15. You have no idea how right you are
  16. Everone knows I don't know much, but I do know that it is about damn time many of us hit that river for some fishing. Imagine the campfire that you can see from deep space too.
  17. Well I think I got 6 done. Been kinda bus lately but I will get them done....
  18. My flies are all finished up and ready for the mail. I still have your address mumbles, so ill get those out in the next couple days....
  19. CCW, you went from partially done and busy to finished, awesome! I'll be looking forward to seeing them upon arrival.
  20. I know, I Know. Well today is my sunday...and I was laying around not very motivated, so I decided to get off my ass and get it done.

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