Worked my way down the Sound this week...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by flyfishsail, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Worked my way down from Friday Harbor to Seattle over the last few days and saw a ton of fish being caught as I sailed by... Admiralty inlet was absolutely jammed with boats, so I decided to give it a whirl for a minute with a jig and came up with this guy...

    About 10 minutes later, my friend came up with a pink around 5 lbs. We called it a day and headed in..

    We worked our way south towards Seattle the next day and I was able to hit a section of beach I really love for SRC's and ended up with easily the hardest fighting, biggest SRC I've ever had to hand. First off, the fish spun my 10' foot inflatable 360+ degrees, and wouldn't stop fighting, then every time I got him close he would bolt down and bend my 8wt like it was a pool noodle... Finally had to get out the salmon net, didn't want to, snapped a pic and sent him back on his way... ... Ended up 2 for 3 in about an hour... Another bonus was that someone was playing some great music that could be heard the entire time I drifted along... Awesome evening and a great couple of days... I just love the summers here... SRC20+.jpg
    Looking forward to mornings on the beach!
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    Nice king and monster cutt.
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    The cutt was one to remember, one thing of interest was the stomach of the king was full of Sand lance... have a pic, just didn't post it...