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  1. Showcase your best fly, a fly that is almost perfect. This is for fun, so hopefully this will be a cool thread. Looking forward to it.

    Mine- the Dirty Hex image.jpg
  2. Bring it back to the top! I know Washington has more of these than Cali, but still I tied an imitation.
    Summer Stones.
    Da reel thang
    image.jpg the imitation image.jpg
  3. Ok fine, that's pretty rad
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  4. george grant.JPG
    Woven Hair Hackle tied by George Grant
    I have a few of these
    each is a work of art
  5. Here's a nice squid I tied for the intruder swap

  6. just learned to tie intruders... watch out nookies here I come

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  7. Those creations are all brilliant. Great work.
  8. thats sweet!
  9. Great looking ties everyone, good idea !!!
  10. posted one of yours Mark
    go ahead blow us all out of the water
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  11. Come on Kelvin, don't give me a hard time :) I really enjoy seeing these flies, hope more folks post and I'm amazed at some of the
    realistic flies people tie, good stuff !!! I think you need to post a few more yourself, I remember some very creative and innovative flies you've tied, so lets see a few more.
  12. Not giving you a hard time
    I just thought a post titled works of art had your name all over it
    you are an amazing tier

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