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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Backyard, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Great looking flies, but now I'm depressed looking at my own 'unworthy' efforts! Ryan, what do you call #10??? Fished Leech and Dog lake in June and saw a couple of guys on Dog Lake that just kicked the S... out of the big Trips with a fly that looked like that. They said they got them at a shop in Yakima and they called them 'Halloween' flies?!
  3. worldanglr

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    Number 10 is called a Halloween, it's not my pattern, a copy of a Montana Fly Company fly. I've had real good luck on browns with it... Although honestly I don't fish it as often as some of the other flies, I don't really like the standard wooly bugger flies, I like leech patterns for there great action.

    I first saw it in Kingfisher in Missoula, which has some of the best streamers in any fly shop I've had the pleasure to wander in to. If you go to the Montana Fly Company website and look for distributors in Washington you can find some local shops that would carry them.


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  4. Brad Niemeyer

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    As a critic of fine fly tying, a professional designer, and the son of a famous fly tying expert....I proclaim to all that your fly box rocks!

    I don't have time to fish as much as you, but I am heartened to see that you use some of the same patterns I do. This was the year of the streamer for me. I tie a conehead zonker very similar to your zonker that really worked well in Idaho for cutts... and the pink version worked well for pink salmon...

    Thanks for showing us your secret weapons! :thumb

    Perahaps I'll get inspired to post some pics of my
    secret suspender caddis dry, irridescent foam beetle, and fox squirrel zonker...
  5. Randy Knapp

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    I,too, use some of the same patterns with just a variance of colors. Great box but it seems like they all do pretty much the same thing so the fish probably don't care as much about the variations as the tyer does.

  6. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    No. 8 looks like something a largemouth might like on a vertical drop.

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