World's Worst SeaWorld Experience

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  1. So, like a great many other people, I was fishing in the greater DPSP area over the past few days (fish are rolling through in schools, frequency is increasing, but the peak is still probably a week away). The fishing wasn't light's out, but I'd estimate I was getting into fish every half hour or so. After a prolonged slow patch, I felt a pretty standard hit and then settled in for a very non-standard fight.

    It wasn't like I was fishing with a noodle for a rod (I use an NRX 8 weight), but I couldn't get the fish in. I'd get it close, it would bull down toward the depths and start peeling off line. It pulled me off of the 10lb mushroom anchor I was using, and then proceeded to make the boat twirl around like a slowmo merry go round. 10 minutes later it was close to the boat when a tan blur streaked into view and homed in on my fish like a fur-coated torpedo. At this point, for reasons that I am still struggling to understand, I literally started shouting at a marine-mammal to get the hell away from my fish, much like the crotchety old neighbor would shout at you to get off of his lawn when your kickball strayed onto his turf.

    The seal minded about as well as the neighborhood kids, and when both the fish and the furpedo headed for shore I was sure it was all over. My line zipped back and forth as the aquatic equivalent of a lion and a gazelle zigged, zagged and looped about just under my stern. Somehow - the salmon pulled off a maneuver that sent the seal zipping in the wrong direction, and in that moment I managed to get a handle on the fish and bring him aboard. After quickly dispatching him, I sized him up. This was a beast. Fish math is problematic in the best of times but this was a broad-shouldered, frying-pan wide beast of a pink salmon that had to be in the vicinity of 10 lbs - easily the biggest, baddest pink I'd ever caught. Not only that - there was nary a wound from the seals canine's on the flesh!

    While I was admiring the fish, the seal breached 10 feet away from me and fixed me in his gaze. I've never even imagined what an angry seal looks like, but this fellow was flat out irate. It was staring straight at me, exhaling heavily through its nostrils, opening and closing its mouth, and waving its head back and forth. Then it closed the distance a bit and just stared at me for a few seconds before darting off. I thought to myself, "Too bad, so sad for you buddy, looks like I got the last laugh."

    I figured the coast was clear after about 45 seconds, and as I'd been bleeding the fish the entire time it was overdue for a bit of a wash. I did one last check over the shoulder and saw no sign of my erstwhile nemesis, and proceeded to quickly dip the fish in the water - check the horizon - and repeat 2-3 times until the blood was mostly gone. I know what you are thinking - this was a) a dumb move and b) is the part where the seal takes the fish. While option a) is clearly a correct surmisal on your part, no fish was snatched from my fingers and I proceeded to stand up, and hold the fish up and took a moment to admire it. Definitely, definitely the biggest pink I'd ever caught, or ever seen for that matter.

    Then the fish came to life, and shook violently, as though someone had hooked it up to a 100,000 watt transmission line. Tug-tug-BOOM. Half a second and two violent shakes later it was gone. NO! NO! NO! How could this be. That. Fish. Was. Dead....After recovering from the shock of seeing the stone-dead-and-fully-bled Frankenfish snap down so violently that my finger passed through the apex of its jaw, I started to process what happened a bit more lucidly. Somehow, the seal had managed to pass under my boat, rear it's head in absolute silence, and clamp onto the tail without me having the slightest idea what was going on. I was literally staring at the upper half of the fish, and neither saw or heard a thing when operation CounterStrike went down. I was *standing up*! The tail had to have been at least a foot and a half out of the water!

    Once again, I found myself literally shouting at a marine mammal. Actually expecting it to feel bad. The following morning a very familiar looking seal surfaced not too far from my boat and fixed me in its gaze. This time, it appeared to be laughing.
  2. Great story.

    Thanks JayB.

  3. I've often thought about this nightmare while hanging over the rail cleaning a salmon...

    Entertaining, and thought provoking story to say the least!
  4. Are you sure you weren't hit by a sharknado?
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  5. Or maybe a Giant Pacific Sharktopus?
  6. ..I'd say he earned that one...
  7. Awesome tale - this is how legends get started. I'm speaking of the seal of course! Thanks for sharing;)
  8. Another day in the life of a saltwater fly fisherman. Ha! Very funny really.
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  9. Thanks for sharing Jay. It's not everyday you get outsmarted by a seal and get a chance to post it up on the internet for all of eternity.

    I'm just ribbin' ya man, I'm not that on the ball/logical when I get up at 0fish:30 either.
  10. It's rare that I laugh out loud reading posts about other people's monster fish. Great read and nice storytelling.
  11. Oh my how funny!!!...amazing! Although I had no pretitor around, I was cleaning the 5lb pink I had just caught and even though I had knocked him out and had him cleaned out...he was still kicking. Your story had me laughing.
  12. So true. I'm used to being outsmarted by fish,so this was a major step up for me!
  13. Greatest pink report EVER!!!!!!!!!
  14. I was at Lincoln Park 4 years ago about the time that the pinks were peaking & I had hooked a decent fish. I was just doing the usual fight, getting ready to drag the fish up to the beach when the water in front of me started looking peculiar. There was a V-shaped wake coming in from about 10 feet out in front of me. This bastard harbor seal came in towards shore at full speed (I had backed up onto the beach) and grabbed my pink salmon in about 2 feet of water. Then it proceeded to run out straight away, so I just held my line and busted it off quick as I could.
    There was a father & his about 8 year old daughter right behind me watching me reel in the fish. After the turd came in and robbed my butt, the little girl exclaimed in a super loud, surprised voice: "daddy, did you SEE THAT!!"

    It was hilarious to hear her voice. I hope she still remembers b/c I surely do. Now, if it is my first fish of the day, I'm always a bit paranoid and try to get that first one to hand quickly, before the seals can do their thing. I guess you can't blame them, it is an easy meal, probably entertainment for them as well:D
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  15. Great story. Bet it gets even better around the campfire.
  16. A few years ago one of the Alaskan king crab boat skippers from that tv series "Most Dangerous Catch" (I only viewed one episode, so I can't recall his name, or the boat he was on) went charter fishing here out of Westport.
    The local news photographer here was about to snap a pic of the nice King salmon that the skipper had caught and was holding up (I can't recall if he was standing on a dock, or holding it out over the stern of the boat), when the same thing happened! Might have been a sea lion. It got the entire fish!

    A harbor seal popped up next to me while I was surfing yesterday. I pointed straight at it and yelled, "You! Outta here!" I never saw it again. Maybe I should hire myself out!
  17. I hooked a dogfish today in 10ft of water on a pink steelhead jig (WTH!) and right as we were about to net it to recovery my tackle, the local harbor seal came in close to score a free dinner. The seal came in for the grab but made a last-second u-turn when it was only inches from the dogfish... I can only guess that dogfish wasn't on the menu tonight!

    Funny thing is that I was sort of hoping the seal would take the dogfish because the 3ft, ~15lb would have given the seal a full belly!
  18. Just for you! I flushed a bald eagle from his snack of fresh seal eyes on a beach walk back on April 1st. No foo IMGP1621.jpg lin!
  19. I've seen a bunch of dogfish right along the shore this year. One almost got the fish on my stringer the other day.
  20. :eek: Whoa! Never seen that before. Nice photography... ;)

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