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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by seanengman, Feb 28, 2007.

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    I have never fished the salt before and was thinking of making a trek over the mountains to give it a shot. I was hoping of taking my dad with me at the end of march beginning of april. What kind of fish would I be targeting that time of year, and I was hoping somebody would tell me where to find a map of what beaches are public and which aren't. Thanks and maybe if I do head over I could connect with someone to show me the ropes, for a case of beer.
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    First do a search...many places with easy access have been reported/mentioned on a number of threads. Also look at past threads that cover the time frame you may be treking over here. Get a map and look up state/city/county/parks on the water. That will give you a starting point and after doing some investigave internet hunting (photo gallery for type of flies) and q'ing you can narrow down your choices to where you would like to go. So many opportunities/destinations.
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    State parks, county parks and city parks that are on the water are perfect places to try the salt.

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    Make it a case of "Fat Tire amber ale" and I will take you out for some sea-run cutts & resident coho salmon from the beaches:beer2: .
    Your time frame is good for outmigrating chum fry, so the cutts will be available and the resident coho are around in fair numbers and good size!
    Send me an email and I can get you into some really fishy beaches.
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