Would you stop fishing? (Steelhead)

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Panhandle, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I'd stop for sure...Move to Montana and learn to catch trout. I've got enough memories to carry me for twenty years, I just hope my sons would have the same oportunity to have the same.
  2. Takes a lot of energy to dig up a two year old thread.

    Looks like steelheading may come to an end on most rivers anyway, and we won't be consulted on the matter, and it won't make any measurable difference to steelhead recovery, based on the same data I referenced in my post two years ago.

  3. I still agree with my original post.

    Salmo_g. Out of curiosity, why was the number of returning fish to the wenatchee system so high this year compared to dismal numbers for most of the other systems?
  4. I've already been thinking about this and concidering not fishing for them. I've only gone out after them 4 or 5 times this run. Mostly my deciding factor was that I am getting tired of wasting money and time on something that just isn't there. It's one thing getting skunked when there are fish there, but a different story when there is nothing in the water.

    This is a good point.
  5. BJG,

    All Columbia River tributaries upstream of Bonneville Dam received good returns this year. The good returns appear to have been the combined results of: 1. higher than average ocean survival; 2. spill required 1 and 2 years ago by Judge Redden; and 3. they plant an unbelievable shitload number of hatchery smolts in those rivers. I assume by dismal returns elsewhere you mean west side coastal rivers which receive very small hatchery plants by comparison and didn't enjoy the same ocean survival. Not all steelhead use the same parts of the ocean in their migration.

  6. More "WILD" fish were counted over Wells Dam 8919 then the 10 year average of "all" fish counted over Wells Dam 8733. Must agree with Salmo-G, better wash out from good snopacks, coupled with better spills over dams, coupled with better ocean conditions, led to a very nice Columbia Steelhead run in all tributaries. The only way I am stopping to fish for steelhead in Columbia Tributaries is if they stop all sport fishing in them. The sport fishing will be the first to go.
  7. Cool, thanks. A lot of the fishing report's I've read, were saying that a large portion of the fish being caught up there were unclipped. I know it's not a very scientific survey because of the "fishing report" fudge factor but, are a large portion of these hatchery fish unclipped?
  8. Wow, I was really bored back in the hinter days.
  9. YES I'd stop now but I've nothing to loose I only fish a couple of times a year for steelhead. I'm 72 and my health is not so good, and on top of that I've never caught a steelhead anywhere. They've always been a dream but never a reality. So not too hard for me and the getting out is my thing anyway and I'm gradually losing that anyway. Looking at the future as the human race uses up the natural elements from our world in our need for more and more of the things we create the world will never be the same again. But I won't be here to miss it as I knew it so it won't matter to me. my descendents won't know what things were like in my day at all since things are changing faster all the time the old will be unbleaveable to the fuure generations. Good Luck everyone hopefully something survives.
  10. If there came such a time where my personal impact caused me to lay awake at night, yeah, I'd put the rod down and walk away. But i would most likely come back and fish, but only after I had clipped the hook portion off the fly. And if that were to eventually cause me to lay awake at night pondering the selfishness of my actions, then i would lay the rod down, again, and sit and watch the river for a good deal many moons.

  11. Yes.

    The only stipulation being the fish were not being raped by other users and abusers of Steelhead and thier habitat.

  12. if it were only that simple.

    First, it wouldn't take 20 years. Second, if you buy in to HSRG, you need to get the hatchery fish off the spawning beds to recover the wild spawners to get healthy wild stocks. Third, no f***ing nets.

    Short answer, hell yes. Some who have seen me fish suggest I have already started not fishing for them...

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