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  1. Tyler Speir

    Tyler Speir Artist

    We both live in Puyallup so you should be taking me...
  2. I can concur
    haven't been raped yet
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  3. james.jimenez

    james.jimenez Active Member

    Just wanted to bump this up.. Wanted to brag a little more.. And wanted to thank Dave again for a fishing trip that will forever be told around any campfire I stand around!! THANKS MAN!!
  4. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    I went back again yesterday. Only boat out there, sunshine and very little if any drizzle. no winds to speak of and fish were jumping. I get into a fish really quick and it bust me off at my tippet knot. It was a slow day, no fish to the net and only a couple good fights. My friend had a big hot fish next to the boat,it busted his line too. We had a great day fishing, just not catching. I will be back there sooner than i think. ;)
  5. FNG

    FNG New Member

    What he said.:)
  6. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Sorry for the terrible picture!
  7. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    Great lake and some monster fish if your on gear
  8. Skyler Evans

    Skyler Evans Active Member

    I would like to do a little bass fishing with some poppers there.

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