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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by flytyingfred, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. flytyingfred

    flytyingfred New Member

    Hi everyone. I am not new to this forum but am posting on the rod building forum for the first time. I am getting ready to build a rod for a friend and it will be my second build. The first one was a few years ago at our tu chapter class. My rod came out ok for the first time of course I had two excellent builders there to help when things went wrong. I have been practicing my wrapping before I start the rod and I cant seem to keep the wrappings from coming apart after I finish them. I am doing the correct number of turns before I cut the thread at the beginning and end but when I am done and start to burnish they seem to always spread out and come apart. If I finish a main wrap and try to do a trim wrap and bump the main one at all trying to but the trim up to it it comes apart also. I am thinking I am not using the correct tension while wrapping I have tried tighter and looser but still end up with the same problem. If anyone has ever experienced this or knows what I am doing wrong I would appreciate any tips or info on how to right my problem before I start on the rod blank itself. I have watched some you tube vids and they all seem to be the same with the 4 to 5 wraps at the beginning and the same at the end which I have been doing. I am trying to get this done for a birthday gift and I am getting frustrated at whats happening.
  2. Matthew LeBret

    Matthew LeBret Active Member

    once I start my tag end loop about 20 or so wraps before the last turn. I pull my tag end tight with the loop I trim the tread short to leave a little of the tag end as possible. If you pack the thread as tight at you can on the last few wraps it should hold your tag in place. I'm not sure your doing this but try pulling the tag end more horizontal with the blank and not at a angle. The reason for the long tag end loop is to keep the thread end from poking out of the wrapping and that way you wont have any trimming to do but it also keeps the thread more packed.

    hope this was helpful :thumb:
  3. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    I usually put in my loop about 10 wraps before the end. When I cut the thread and pass it through the loop I pull the loop so the thread is just snug against the last wrap, but not yet under. At this point I then pack/burnish everything tight - the long uncut tag and allows you to hold a bit of tension on the last wrap and prevents the unravelling you are experiencing. Once everything is packed I use a razor blade to cut the tag end right at the loop and pull the loop through.
  4. Steve Call

    Steve Call Active Member

    Rob, any chance you can video this? Thanks.
  5. Mike Monsos

    Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

    Another thing you might pay attention to is to burnish from the outside of the wrap ends towards the center. If you burnish from the middle to the outside edges you are pulling the wrap apart and loosening things up.

  6. flytyingfred

    flytyingfred New Member

    thank you guys for replying to my post and addressing my issues. I am sure I was not doing most of the tips you posted here,especially the burnishing. I was burnishing from side to side and thats when it would start to unravel and also pulling it more of a 90 degree angle to the practice rod. My blank should be here soon Its a tiger eye colored blank from sevier a 6.6 2 wt and I just got my new thread from fishhawk a chestnut, a tan and sunburst for trims. I think its gonna look really cool if I can get the wrapping down. I will try to post a pic when its done for all to see(if it comes out looking good) . Well hate to say this but I am heading out to shovel snow off our deck. Winter has arrived and it sucks...

    CANEFLYFISH n GSPs New Member

    Hi Fred,
    Are you pinching and holding the finished wrap with your index & thumb before you cut the thread then insert the tag end thru the pull loop? Then, are you pulling the tag up under the wraps to better secure the last wraps? I insert the pull loop next to the guide foot, where there's a little tunnel. After I pull the loop thru, I "walk" the tag up under the wraps All the while holding tension on the wraps with aforementioned fingers......... To prevent much burnishing, I slightly angle the thread from the spool up to the rod on the wrapping jig so the thread lays close to the previous wrap. I mostly use OO or size A silk thread, which isn't as strong as nylon, so my loop is inserted about 5 wraps before cutoff... I use my fingernails on opposite ends of the wrap IF I have to push them tight together before I think about burnishing.


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