Writing on Blanks

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Maurice "Mo" Miller, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Maurice "Mo" Miller Twanged Tackleberry

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    What would one use to write on a dark blank that would show up well?

  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    They actually sell a pen that's made to write on blanks. Can be found at Anglers Workshop. We used to use those glitter type pens. Came in a variety of colors. But would write quite well on anything. But do know you can buy those pens at AW.
  3. pwoens Active Member

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    yeah, fly shops that sell rod building materials are your best bet. I bought my pens from a local craft shop.....just told them I needed a pen that wouldnt damage graphite and wouldnt smear. Worked out real nice :thumb: Just make sure to get a REALLY FINE pointed pen.
  4. Maurice "Mo" Miller Twanged Tackleberry

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    Thanks guys :beer2: Now that I know what I'm looking for I'll ask next time I'm at the fly shop. It sounds a LOT easier than the model paint I was going to use. :p

  5. Monk Redneck

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    I use those silver metallic markers. It looks great on my Loomis blank. Just get the 'fine' point one. I bought mine at Michaels craft store in Everett. Hope that helps.
  6. Tony Mull Member

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    very fine tip and you can write on scotch magic transparent tape (much easier and you can repeat till its right) make sure all air is out from under the tape and apply finish over it. works great, although I don't write on them at all any more.
  7. Roper Idiot Savant

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    One problem with writing on blanks is that inks can can run when topcoated with a material of the same solvent or water base. Not to say it will, but it can. A safe bet is a fine tipped ink pen, like those used for calligraphy, and water based ink. Since most topcoats are solvent based, the chances of "rewetting" your signature is none. In any case, try a test to be sure before you smear some writing all over your new rod.