WTB WTB 3/4/5 wt switch or spey

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by golfman44, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. Looking for a 3 4 or 5 wt two hander...nothing too fancy just want to swing sculpins on the yak for trout.

    Let me know what you have
  2. you just looking for rod or rod and reel?
  3. Just rod my friend. I assume my lamson konic 3.5 reel would balance decently enough to use and save me some $$$

    The lighter the better... 3wt > 4wt > 5wt in terms of my preference. I've been looking at the anglers roost 4/5 switch for $100 (I like my 7/8 spey from them) but just wanted to test the waters to see if someone had one to part with
  4. I've got the Anglers Roost 3/4 switch and like it.
  5. Maybe I'm blind but I wasn't aware they made a 3/4 switch...I saw a 3/4 11ft (and even a 2/3wt that would be sweet) but it wasnt labeled as a switch and the photo was of a single hander
  6. I have actually built one on the 2/3 blank 11'r , very slow into the handle, but fun when you hook something. Went to the Puyallup for silver one day with it, ummmm just a little under power but oh what fun.

    Didn't really find a line that I thought worked okay, maybe someone here may have more experience on it

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  7. What size reel and line grain did you pair with it?
  8. The reel weight seems to be the most important thing. I've used a DT5F and a DT6F on it with similar results.
  9. I'm using a 4wt Ambush on my ARE 2/3. I think if I did it again, i'd give the 3/4 a try. Or maybe one of the 4pc models. Search speypages for threads on the rods.
  10. My reel weighs 6oz
  11. Thanks for the feedback. You like the ambush line? I've heard nothing but great things about it

    Also anyone cast a Beulah classic before? Just got offered a rediculous deal on one (4/5 wt)
  12. I actually REALLY like it. I'm annoyed I waited as long as I did. Very useful line. Light spey, switch, single hand roll casts in small water, etc.
  13. I built a two handed from Angler Roost 12' 3/4 wt IM8,single hand blank and their 19 inch handle. ambush 4wt single line( 200gr), 4' cheater , poly leaders or trout sink tips-1 to 6 lb fish-yeah! Highly recommend it. 1 yr in use.
  14. Correction- ARE blank was an IM6, haven't tried the IM8, but am building up the ultra high moduless 3/4,12' now - no complaints with the IM6 though.
  15. I went with the Beulah platium 5wt switch. The ARE rods are all 1 gander's that you have to build yourself into a 2 hander which I wasn't comfortable doing...plus this rod was a crazy good deal so no complaints. Thinking of lining it with a Rio switch chucker or an ambush
  16. How hard is it to add a butt section to the 3/4 to make it a two hander?? It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult.

    Or do you have to start from scratch and make a whole new rod?
  17. i would have a 4wt switch for you to use, but its in for warranty since someone broke it
  18. redington dually comes in 5wt for 249

    or cabelas lsi in 5wt for the same price
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