WTB: 7136-4 Z-Axis

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JesseC, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. I want one.
  2. We got one.
  3. Are they on sale yet? Clearing em out to make way for the murdered out ONE's right?
  4. They are going to be replaced by the ONE and the production will be curtailed soon. SO you better get yours now....
  5. There's a good spin! Hah!

    I'll let you know if the used route falters. Thanks jessejames
  6. Still looking for one of these - If you're in Seattle I'd like to work out a deal for early this week in person. I can pick it up.

  7. Excellent rod! I can't imagine the day I give up this rod. I thought someone on speypages had one in the classifieds...for trade I think.
  8. Awesome rod. There was one for $475, sold that day. I wouldn't take twice that for mine.
  9. Definitely will continue to fetch in the $500+ range for a rod in excellent condition - they are superb. I had Kerry Burkheimer turn the cork on one of my two 7136s and it came to life just a bit further.
  10. I have seen them go anywhere from 425 to 550 for a new one. The ONEs are coming out soon and that should drop the price quite a bit more.
  11. Nope then they will collectors items and the price will go up........Better get a new one now..
  12. One just posted on speypages. Great rods
  13. One more bump. Looking for one in great condition. Willing to spend 500.
  14. Wow, I would have thought you find one by now.
  15. Seems like I'm always a step behind!
  16. one on speypages right now... but $700

  17. I have the butt and tip section I'll sell ya for $249.95 :D
  18. You can make one yourself for less than $500.

    I'm just finishing up a TCX 7126 and it was like $503 with tube and sock Recoil snake guides, nice struble u-18 reelseat... descent cork. its not hard to do.

    PM me if you want the details of where. the z-axis would be alittle less than mine I think.

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