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  1. The pistols I have are far to small for this trip but was advised to bring one along. I think I'm looking for a 44 or 41 cal but don't want to spend more than $450.00. I hate to take advantage of hard times but if you have one to sell I'm in need of one. We're going the end of August. thanks Jim
  2. Consider this, you may be better served with a 357 mag & ported 7" barrel.
  3. If this is for possible bear encounters you might be better served with a shotgun. The locals advise if you're depending on a hand gun it's best to file down the front sight, just in case the bear shoves it up you know where.
  4. I know a guide up there who carries a 12 gauge loaded as follows: 2 rounds of bird shot, 2 rounds of buck shot, 1 slug. If the bird shot doesn't scare them off (he refers to this as "an application", pop him with buck shot. If that doesn't work, you have that slug to do some serious damage if he gets right up on you. A .357 won't cut it on a grizz, don't bother. If you're going to stick with the .44 idea, get one with a long barrel for accuracy. Years ago I picked up a used S&W .44 model 629 classic in stainless with a 7 inch barrel for $400 with a shoulder holster from a cop I knew. If you know any local law enforcement, they're always horse trading with guns, ask around. Good luck in your search and in Alaska.
  5. Not my gun I am selling but this is for sale on Seattlegun.org right now. Wish I had the money because its sure a pretty peice of stainless steel.
    Few other 44 cal for around the same price but do not include the scope or holster. Its a few pages back on the hand gun section.

  6. Not sure where to find one. But had a buddy who was a bush pilot and his prefered sidearm up there was a 454 Casull (Sp??). I fired that baby a few times, was one helluva handgun. Was a ruger, not sure on model. But was a revolver, and he did use it once, and dropped the bear (and from his story, a load in his shorts too LOL). Not sure on the price of one, but something to look at.
  7. If you already own a 12 ga look into buying a rifled slug barrel and a sling for it. Slugs are a fisherman's best friend. I have a short barrel for an 870 wingmaster chambered for 2 3/4". Reasonable. SS
  8. A 20" stainless steel, synthetic stock 12ga Remington 870. If your worried about kick, get a 20ga, it will do just as much damage.
  9. Shot gun in a sling. Alomost all of the locals I see are carrying the and not handguns.
  10. Based on what ballistics / field trauma / emergency room data?
  11. 12Ga has a bit more thump than a 20Ga, But, thats not the issue, topic is a pistol that is "needed"
  12. I have guided single fisherman on float trips thru-out alaska--if you have never fired a 41/44 mag this is probably not the time to learn (not my idea of fun) there is no question in my experience that a short barreled 12 guage with bird/double oo buck/followed by slugs is the way to go--you should hope that you never kill a bear--check out what you are required to do-i.e. cape the animal and return it with you!!(that was the law as of 2008)
  13. In that case, I'd look into a .454 as Jerry mentioned or the .50 S&W Magnum. Anything longer than 4" barrel is a waste, 'cause that bears going to be on you so fast you probably won't clear the holster on a 6-8". Seriously; I've seen them run. A friend was AK Fish/Game and had to dispatch 3; 2 with a shotgun loaded with 00 buck/slug/buck/slug and one with a .41 or .44 mag, don't recall. Point he was very emphatic about was a handgun doesn't cut it.
    I'd carry bear spray.
  14. If you do decide on a handgun for coastal Grizz and Browns, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT use hollow points !!! For a heavy boned bear you want PENETRATION and you WILL NOT get it with hollow points. You want a round that will penetrate DEEPLY and has the ability to smash shoulders. If you need to defend yourself a lung shot will not drop a bear before he gets to you. You need to break his wheels and the only way to do that is to penetrate and for the bullet to hold together. Hard cast linotype bullets as heavy as you can get will get the job done. As for calibre......44 mag and up.
  15. In 2001 I floated the Kanektok with three other friends. On sound advice, we did not carry any firearms. Instead, we each carried bear spray in holsters and practiced with it. We also carried small air horns, the kind you can get at a marine supply store, with about a pint size air reservoir. These are REALLY loud. We saw lots of bear scat and prints, but the closest we saw any bears was about 500 yards. I think that the area you are in makes a big difference. I know that the Inuits shoot bear along the Kanektok, so this is bound to make them less likely to approach humans. Another area might be more of a problem.

  16. Mossberg makes some "marine coat" versions in 18" and 20" that I think are 6+1 and 9+1 (2 3/4" shells). They're a tad bit more affordable than the Remington Stainless(!!). I carried the 18" when I was up there a couple years ago.
  17. holy moley, Robert has common sense. I agree. I lived in AK for 6 yrs and will use bear spray. bears don't want a confrontation any more than we people do. It's a sad fact that too many time humans just shoot to shoot. for several years the brown bear season was closed because too many bears were killed and if you think Alaskans were not pissed at how cowardly some people can be think again. After some investigations idiots shot bears and cubs when they were not threatened. once a sow goes down, the cubs are either killed by AF&G or they die in the wild or captured "IF" there is a zoo that will take them. If more men would act like Men, and respect Bears, and just go on about your business fishing we wouldn't have such a mess. Some may disagree but AK fish & game don't write up "fishing in bear country" information that calls for shooting a bear. Too many people have not taken the time to think through and know their options. Carry a gun is fine, using bear spray first is all you need. it's why they sell it and most sensible fishermen use. U see guides in teh bush always packing guns because they don't want their insurance rates going up and you better make the kill shot count or youi'll be lucky to stay alive. You piss off a grizzly and your finished anyway. bear spray deters and it's a psycological advantage to the human. The bear doesn't feel threatened for it's life. A bullet to it's body does. Use bear spray
  18. I have a Ruger 44 mag single action blackhawk, stainless. I bought it while I was stationed in Alaska for fly fishing. I hear what you guys are saying about the shotgun and valid points, however it's hard to fly fish with a shotgun under your arm.

    It's had half a box of shells shot through it...I have a shoulder holster and and a side holster (somewhere, I'll have to find them since the move) I'll sell it all for $450 firm (it's not eating anything). PM if interested.
  19. X2. I hunt Ptarmigan way down on the Alaska Peninsula and the brown bears are super thick - like 6 to 12 sightings in a morning's walk. I never felt compelled to carry a sidearm. Just my SxS with #7 shot for birds and bear spray. My dogs have totally tripped across sleeping brown bears and the bears just get the hell out of there. They have no interest in us.

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