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  1. The guy wants to buy a hand gun. Anybody??
  2. I don't remember where you said you were going but I've been up there a dozen times or more and never carried a gun. I've seen only one live bear anywhere that might threaten me and that was a long way off. I did see a guy who had just shot a bear on the Russian River and he was a little red-faced as Fish and Game was writing him a king-sized ticket. You might want to re-think it and let your guide carry.
  3. I have a ported stainless S&W 629 classic that I bought for a AK pistol bear hunt a few years ago. I carry that with me in MT moose country but feel it is a little small for both animals. I also have a 870 with 7 slugs that I keep in the boat. It is harder to carry around but a better choice in my opinion.
    All that said, the things I read now say bear spray is the way to go. There is quite a bit to read online.
  4. I'm definatly going up with Bear spray, the gun is still up in the air. Part of me tells me to take both and the other part tells me to save the money and spend it up there doing something with my other half.
  5. Go for the latter - a much better ROI.
  6. View attachment 41996 View attachment 41995 I too had brand new Rugar .44 stainless 5 inch barrel. it was a beauty but i sold it. I believe the pic of this bear who i was fishing near for 5 hrs was killed a few months later. it was the case that involved some 24 yr old shooting the young bear off the side of the mnt along side sterling hwy and watched it rolled down the hill as a line of cars had previously stopped to see what he was doing. they all witnessed it. he had broke the law on 2 counts but state troopers did not site him because of some rule i had forgot. The sign 'no hunting' within that stretch of hwy was missing so he wasn't sited. it was an oversight to say the least. no doubt he got his rush but don't know what became of this no good's court case. I emailed this pic to soldotna f&g Jeff Selenger and he said it looked to be the same bear. In town, some people had shot a different brownie to hell when he wasn't causing harm. (but then always the case it could have) He ended up wounded walking along side Kbeach Rd. troopers drove out to put it down. I'm sorry but it just pisses me off that when people see a bear they just go nuts. their lives must be short of happiness.
  7. Ok, heads up. If he wants a pistol/shotgun for possible bear defense, his choice. Let's put it back on topic now getting him a certain sidearm he may need if he goes that route. You can gladly go into the main forum (or the cast and blast) and bring up the shooting bears debate. :)

    Thank you and have a nice day. ;)
  8. I've hunted and fished my whole life, at least as long as I can remember. I work for law enforcement for Clark County and own everything from BB guns, pellet guns shot guns rifles a 22 pistol and a Ruger 9MM and know enough not loose my cool if and when I do meet up with a bear. I do know they usually don't give a damn if they do see us on the river or will turn and run away. All I was told was it might be a good idea if I brought some kind of protection with me. I have logged many many hours at our shooting range and know that I would be under gunned if I did take my 9MM so I was merely putting the word out that I might be interested in purchasing a larger weapon for my trip. I have never shot the shit out of a bear cub or anything else for that matter and I do know it's a pain in the ass if one does get shot. I didn't think of bear spray so I will be bringing some along but when I fish in far out of the way places down here in Clark or Cowlitz County I do carry due to all the dirt bags down here. I work in a jail and am pretty recognizable so I do protect myself and I will up there as well. I would probably pull out my Minolta before I pull out my 44mag. Thanks, you talked me into buying one!
  9. Jim,

    In addition to the 44 and bear pepper spray, I suggest also taking a coach or common dog training whistle. Super easy to pack on a string around the neck with camera and such, so it's way more convenient than the boat air horn that is often recommended. You can use the whistle faster than either the pepper spray or pistol and don't have to aim it. I got a bear to turn 90 degrees away from camp while dinner was cooking by using the whistle. Haven't tried the pepper spray yet.

  10. I have fished Alaska for 30 years - Kenai River, Yakutat, Cordova, Kodiak. I have seen and fished with and around many bears, both blackies and brownies. I have carried a Mossberg 500 with the pistol grip and the legal 18" barrell at times with the usual first couple of birdshot, then buckshot, then slugs. Packing a shotgun is a pain in the ass. It is just more stuff to get in my way. Leave the shotguns to the guides that watch over you. I have also carried bear spray. Great stuff because it is compact and easy to carry. Great idea except you have to be real close to the bear and hopefully not downwind since you will end up with it in your face.

    I finally bought a Taurus Raging Bull 454 Cassul. It has a 6" barrell and is stainless so I don't worry much about rust. It also comes from the factory with a ported barrel which makes it shootable. It carries fairly comfortably in a nylon shoulder holster so I can easily fish while I am carrying it. Also, it will shoot 45 long colt which makes it affordable for practice. When I am in the bush, I load it with CorBon 325gr cast lead bullets. These bad boy carry an impressive punch.

    I have never fired a round from any gun while fishing in Alaska. I have had my gun out and ready to go on a couple of occasions but am thankful that I never had to pull the trigger.I have had some close visits from bears but have always followed the common sense advise of the experts including making lots of noise when I am on foot, keeping food and garbage away from my camp, and mostly respecting bears and their territory whenever I am there.
  11. There is only one handgun to consider and that is the .50 cal Ruger or if you can afford it S&W.The 50 cal has about 2.5 times the ft/lb energy of the 44 mag.Don't worry about the kick--you will be so scared that you won't even realize that you have fired it.Shoot all 6 shots and lung/heart shots are useless as a bear will maintain total function for at least 2 minutes even if you blow his heart out because of their circulatory reserve.Also the noise will be so loud that even if you miss others will hear it and be able to locate your remains-sounds mean but so are the bears-the best advice is to avoid them and to keep vigile especially if you are in the river in waders--keep an eye behind you.The little mirrors that cyclists use are usefull and can sometimes bring your attention to movement behind you-do not keep dead fish on the shore anywhere near you.My experience wiht bear
  12. I'd reccomend a new mossberg 500 12 ga with 18" barrel, or pepper spray
  13. Register at seattleguns.net. Very active local group that post guns for sale or trade. Always something to fit your bill.
  14. Under no circumstances should you even get out of your car ANYWHERE in Alaska without an M-60. The M-60 is preferable due to ease of rattling off 3409384093843 rounds in 3.5 seconds if you happen to catch even just a hint of movement out of the corner of your eye. Better yet, I would suggest investing in a tank or some sort of armored transport to take the place of your usual fishing rig. This would provide the utmost protection from those evil creatures.

    I'm amazed there are any Alaskans left alive at this point.
  15. The guy placed an ad in the classifieds looking for a handgun. He doesn't need another jack ass spewing their pennies worth of advice in his ad. I can understand threads getting hijacked but this is just BS.
  16. Well said. After re-reading all the posts I was unable to locate the part where the OP asked "What should I bring to Alaska for bear defense?" It sounds to me like the OP has a good head on his shoulders, and has plenty of experience with firearms and self defense. He is looking for a handgun. I'm sure there is someone around who has one to part with.
  17. Ended up buying a Stainless Steel Taurus Tracker 44mag. Took it to our local firing range and spend roughly 3hrs with an instructor. He had me practice drawing the gun from my outfitters chest holster, in my waders BTW, atleast 50 times just drawing it holding it with both hands, extending my arms and looking down the sights for my make believe target and re-holstering it back up. After he was comfortable with that he had me load it and draw it and actually fire it probably another 15 times. Then he had me draw it and empty it twice. I feel good about the range time under my belt firing it before I take it with me to AK. I would highly recommend some professional training with an instructor before taking one along with you. Helped me out alot, plus my wife feels better about it as well. Although I don't know why as I carry my 9mm around here often. And yes my hand hurt afterwards cause that thing kicks like a basturd!
  18. Why do I get the sense that if you were ever attacked by a bear your idea of self defense would be to cower in a ball chanting "hope and change, hope and change, hope and change......"
  19. Now that is funny. :) Congrats on the purchase, hope you have it and don't need it. If you do, it will serve you well enough.

    Have fun,


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