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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Josh Smestad, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Looking to purchase a 9mm or .40. Prefer a compact. Have a budget around $300. let me know if you have something you're looking to get rid of! Thanks, Josh
  2. There is an AWESOME XD .40 posted in Classifieds, it is a little out of your price range but worth a look. you might be able to "Spring" for it...ahhahahha bad pun.
  3. Josh, are you looking for a higher end gun cheap, or just a compact in those calibers? I'm not totally familiar with alot of the lower end handguns, but have seen the Hipoints that brand new are only about $150 for a 9mm (have a customer who does small end gun/rifle sales). I always look at his used guns. He gets a gem every now and then. But do know he sells alot of Hipoints (including a cool little carbine I thought of buying for my son to plink with). All seem pretty damned inexpensive. But I've never fired one nor handled one, so can't attest to thier quality or realiability.

    Onto the XD, yeah, it's a great price for all you get with it. Spend $200 extra and you'll have a good quality gun.
  4. I don't plan on using this much, just think I ought to have something to protect myself with when the Zombie invasion hits bremerton.. Not looking for anything fancy or expensive as it won't get used much, I just think I should have something around in case I ever need it. thanks for the replies so far! I've been looking at the S&W 9ve for $299, I've read the trigger is crap until it's polished, but a good gun for the price. I was thinking I might find something similar for cheaper or better for the same if I went used.-Josh
  5. Josh, since you live in Bremerton, try heading down to Lake Kathryn (Hwy 16 and take SR 302 up until you see the Wauna Post office/Burger King). In that complex (it'll be on your left, it's only about 2-3 miles after you cross the Purdy spit) you'll see a Coast to Coast. He deals in guns. He has a few in your price range usually in a case in back. Something to check out since you're somewhat close. And he may be able to get you into what you're looking to spend.
  6. Kesselrings in Burlington. They will have something to fit the bill for sure and are very knowledgeable. You might consider a revolver.
  7. I second bitterroot, look at revolvers, my Ruger LCR is a sweet pocket piece and cost just over $300 new.
  8. Jerry, Thanks for the heads up on the Coast to Coast. They were closed but they have their full selection online. I think the Kel Tec p11 fits the bill nicely. Small, light and reliable. Was looking at this model keltec p11
  9. Sorry if I would've thought you were gonna go out today i'd have told you they were closed sundays. I'm the UPS driver out there.
  10. Don't worry, i didn't drive out. Checked the website for hours first and saw they have it all online. Thanks.
  11. There is an old saying that goes "double action revolvers are defensive weapons, automatics are offensive weapons". Just something to consider if you are concerned about defense. As for the Zombie Apocalypse, you might consider one of these. No need to reload... [​IMG] http://www.swordsdirect.com/two-handed-swords.html They also have a one and a half hand sword if you aren't up to the two fisted steel. Or a katana if you like girls weapons :rofl:
  12. Josh, at any time, either you don't need a defensive weapon at all, or you need one desperately. So ask yourself: do I want one made and priced for the first contingency, or for the second?
  13. Thank your Philster for a great laugh!!
  14. Thanks for all of the information and good advice everyone!
  15. Just Make Sure You Double Tap on the Zombies!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Pictures of the 9mm

    Great choice for a gun for home protection if you bought gun in the photo. Heavy for every day conceled carry but a great made gun that will shot any ammo without jambing. The only Ammo that I have ever had issue with was PMC which for some reason shot left but still fired ever time. The other nice thing is that your choice can be used by both left and right handed people. Also a easy gun to shoot one handed.
    You should be happy with your new purchase for a long time
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