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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Josh Smestad, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone. I ended up buying a Springfield compact XD .45 It's a little larger and heavier than I wanted but it's a heck of a gun for what I payed. I'll still be on the lookout for a small 9mm for when this is too big to carry. Thanks! -Josh
  2. You can find a good Ruger 9mm or .40 in that range and the trigger is really good. I own H&Ks, Springfield XDs and two Rugers. A lot of gun for the price those Rugers are.
  3. Is a two-handed sword a spey sword?
  4. Didn't you see "The Highlander"? The two handed Claymore is as Scottish as the River Spey and Haggis!
  5. An Honest gun shop will tell you that things like XDs and Taurus are every bit as "good" as guns costing near twice as much. They are all more accurate than any of us are. Great choice. I'd love a .45 but my ammo budget is more 9mm.:(
  6. Thanks Philster, my dad reloads .45 so I'm set for ammo. Picked this up for $400, figured I got a great deal with the two blade-tek holsters and ammo thrown in.
  7. I have the XD9SC for carry. Great gun and very light. You won't go wrong with the XD line
  8. Great gun choice. I have that same gun, I load it with gold dots and it shoots and groups like a dream. Get the extend mags 13rd +1 is great to have in .45 but its a little mag heavy with 13 rounds in it. great gun :thumb:
  9. I've rarely managed to get the max capacity in most extended mags! Not man enough to get that last one in :rofl:
  10. Thats funny stuff :thumb:. When im not at the range I only load it to 12 to save the thumbs. You can get mags that are factory original from Springfield Armory so they are not as bad as some of the other Hicap mags on the market.
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