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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by gjake999, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. I need to buy/trade for a 1-2 ft piece of fine lagartun peacock blue wire--anyone out there can help??---thanks Jake
  2. Got some Lagartun blue wire I would be glad to send you a piece, but don't know if it's "Peacock" blue.
  3. I am not sure either!--but thanks for the offer---greg jacobson, 666 hillside lane, arroyo grande, ca., 93420
  4. Not to hijack this post, but I have been looking for this stuff too. Lagartun fine wire in Peacock Blue is nearly impossible to find. I haven't been able to locate it anywhere and once someone helps Jake out, I would gladly buy a spool from someone who has an extra laying around.

  5. The Lagartun peacock blue has been discontinued. Take a look at the Wapsi metallic blue, might be the closest you will find.
  6. What about using UTC Metallic blue? Looks like peacock blue to me.
  7. It's on the way, maybe you better edit your post to block out your mailing info.
  8. It is the peacock blue, and it is just a bit brighter, and a bit more on the turquoise side, than the ultra wire. I think I got it to tie Charlie Craven's "deep blue poison tung", so he might have some.
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