WTB-loop dry fly reel

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  1. just as an FYI... you can get a new one from Ron Larson (see contact info below). they're made and marketed under the Danielsson name these days. Ron is the NA rep and sells direct. i got one from him last year.

    Ron Larson
    2991 Denn Avenue
    Roseburg, OR 97470
    Wk: 541.673.9810
    Fx: 541.673.3810
  2. http://www.looptackleusa.com/

    Castaway Fly Shop out of Courde'Alene
    is the USA distributor.......

    i bought my 811 classic and my foursix evotec from them

    they are the ones who support wff.com gear program too......
  3. The Loop Dry Fly was never made by Loop , so finding one through a Loop dealer might be tough . And I`m pretty sure Ron Larsen is`nt selling them either , unless he has some old stock . He will repair them though .

    You might have to buy directly from in Sweden http://www.danielsson-flyreels.se/index.php?page=startsida&lang=en

    They also show up on ebay occasionally .
    Good Luck , they`re great reels .
  4. All,
    Thanks for the helpful information. The search continues...
  5. got a midge.....any intrest?
  6. too small for a 5wt line?
  7. Google and you will find 4-5 places that have this reel.
  8. Midge = 0-3 Weight
    Dry Fly = 3-6 Weight

    Dry Fly will work great with a 5 weight line.

    I use my Midge for 2-3 Weight
  9. There is one on ebay right now . The auction ends today though .

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