WTB Oars/Anchor 10' Pontoon

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  1. Picked up a Fish Cat 10' clone & need some parts. Stillwater & some easy moving no class 3-4. Mine is an older J.W. Outfitters 10' single seater w/ anchor rope & offtheback pully

  2. You can buy 7' Carlisle 2 pc economy oars at Cabelas (with olive shafts.) Decent quality, and they work. Around $60-ish each if I'm not mistaken.They're also pretty much the same as all the stock oars from Outcast, Bucks, Scadden, etc. In fact I think most rebadged oars are Carlisles if I'm not mistaken with just different aesthetics or labelling.

  3. I've got a pair of 7-foot Sawyer SST oars, two-piece and rope-wrapped. Great oars, but a bit too short after I added a frame to my frameless Scadden raft. (I now use Sawyer MXS two-piece sticks).


    I paid $295 for the pair, but can let them go for $200.

  4. We have a variety of new and used oars in different lengths.
  5. I have a brand new never used pair of Cataract 7' MiniMags with oar rights. Retail for the combo is $260. Yours for $180.
  6. Hard to go wrong with the Sawyer or Cataract oars but depending on the width of your frame, the 7 footers may be too short or just right. I'm guessing JW Outfitter frame, which is narrower than the ones I'm used to, the 7 footers would be just about right.
  7. I'll tape the frame, do I tape from oar lock to oarlock?

    The mini-mags & Sawyers sound interesting if they will fit, I know they are top of the heap oars.
  8. Generally simply measure the frame width. See below for NRS recommendations.

    48" 7'
    54" 7.5'
    60" 8'-9'
    66" 9'-10'
    72" 10'
  9. 53" wide, thats to the outside of each pontoon holder.

    How big of a lead pyrmind will I need to stick in a light river flow?
  10. For my 10' by 20" pontoons with a heavy duty, 60 inch frame, I have used 20-30 pound chain and lead pyramid anchors and have probably done that in heavier water than most. My preference would be closer to the lighter side of that. For your boat, though I'm not super familiar with the model, I would think closer to 12-15 pounds would suffice in lighter river flow.
  11. 15-20# on the anchor. 18# worked pretty good on my old PAC1000.
  12. I have 20lbs of chain you can have for free if you ever take the Kingston ferry to the Edmonds side. Makes for a simple and cheap anchor. 7.5ft oars are perfect on my 10ft maxxon-tubed pontoon.

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