WTB: Old style springer clips for Outcast Fish Cat 8 pontoon boat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Starman77, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. This is a shot in the dark, but maybe someone has these clips lying around... I have two Outcast Fish Cat 8 pontoon boats, but the newer one has the newer style of springer clips (the clips that connect all the frame parts together), and the newer style has a short, stubby end that makes it hard for me to remove them. I'd like to replace all the new ones with the old style clips, but Outcast no longer carries the old style clips and I can't find them anywhere else. New or used, as long as they work.

  2. Picture?
  3. Tacoma Screw, or Six Robblies just east of the puyallup river off Pac hwy 99 by the Port
    2020 Milwaukee Way E.
    Tacoma 98421
    (253) 272-8413
  4. Any good automotive shop will carry these. Taylor Wilton here in BC does...but I don't know if you have them in the U.S.
  5. I've never posted a photo before, so this will be an experiment...

    Here's the photo of the older style on top and the newer style on the bottom:

    View attachment 42081

    Hopefully you can see how the end of the curved part extends further with the old style.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions for Tacoma Screw or automotive shops; I wouldn't have thought about those places.

  7. Yup...that's the ones. A good automotive or farm/seed store will have them , they are used frequently in farming.
  8. If the other suggestions don't work out for you.....Check out McMaster-Carr or Granger (On line).
    Will probably find them there for sure.
    Good Luck!

  9. FYI: I stopped by Tacoma Screw in Kent and they only have the newer style of the springer clips and they are also not stainless steel. I'll try some automotive shops next. Thanks again for the suggestions!

  10. FYI: I stopped by AutoZone and they did not carry any springer clips, but they referred me to McClendon's Hardware. McClendon's did have springer clips in three different sizes, but they were all the new style and not the old style that I am looking for.
  11. FYI: Grainger.com did not seem to have the old style, but McMaster-Carr did. They are not called "springer clips" like Outcast calls them, but they are called "safety pins" and more specifically are called "Locking Pin Round Retainer W/Tab Lock". At least from the drawing, it looks like what I am looking for so I ordered a set and I'll see if they are what I want and if they fit. I'll let you guys know if they work. Thanks for the suggestion of McMaster-Carr!
  12. Glad to help out Starman77..........It seems McMaster-Carr has almost anything you can ever need........Hope you can find what you need.

  13. Just a follow-up... The McMaster-Carr springer clips have a tail-end that is about 3/8" shorter than the old Outcast springer clips, but I've tested them on my pontoon boat and they work great. I think they may even be better than the old Outcast springer clips because they are less likely to puncture the pontoons due to being a little shorter on that tail end. They are so much better than the new Outcast spring clips. Thanks, idriverrunner, for the lead on the McMaster-Carr web site! Thanks everyone for the other ideas, even if they didn't pan out.

  14. Good Stuff Starman77..........Glad you were able to get on the water!!

  15. Starrman,
    What size did you order, I need a couple myself.
    Thanks Lance
  16. FYI they are 1/4" x 2 typically, and Six Robblies has them all day long.
  17. Thanks I am not around home for a week or so and was going to order them know.
  18. Hi, Lance!

    I just measured my old ones and matched it up with the measurements on the McMaster-Carr web site. The item # is 98416A211 and the specs are:

    Material Type: Steel
    Finish: Zinc-Plated
    Pin Type: Safety Pins
    Safety Pin Type: Rounded Retainer Snap with Tab Lock
    System of Measurement: Inch
    Diameter: 1/4"
    Overall Length: 2-5/16"
    Usable Length: 1-3/4"
    Inside Clearance: 1-9/16"

    I tried to save some money and ordered the zinc-plated ones, but if I had to do it over again I'd order the stainless steel clips, as I noticed that the zinc-plated ones are rusting already from just one use at Grimes Lake, which is admittedly a very alkaline lake and would eat away at anything zinc, but still, I was surprised.

  19. I've got plenty from an old Outcast 1200 and Black Bear.

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