FS WTB or WTT Orvis Sling Pack

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by LD, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. I am looing for an Orvis Safe Passage Sling pack (regular size). If you have one in the closet you are not using let me know. Must be in excellent condition. Have some trading items if interested?

    Also if anyone has a $25 off Orvis coupon that would help as well.
  2. Spend a little extra and get the guide sling. I promise you you wont regret it mine is awesome!!! Tons more room!
  3. Do you guys have an opinion on the Patagonia vs the Orvis? I'm looking for one too.
  4. Oh, Steve, I may have an Orvis $25 off. I'll check when I get back to my office tomorrow. You're welcome to it if I do.
  5. Exactly why I don't want the guide or other packs. Hated a vest because I would carry to much stuff. I can carry plenty to fish with but not big enough I lug a bunch of stuff I don't need. I find the passage just the right size for me. I have one for trout and would like to se-up one for steelhead.
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  6. Thanks that would be great. I will be gone for the weekend but would take it if you will not use it.

    I have not tried the Patagonia got to good of a deal on the Orvis. It is not perfect but I like it a lot. Not in the way and easy to get stuff, overall nice. I do get it wet once in a while when wading.
  7. Wise man.
  8. i have the patagonia stealth, i love it but it is quite small compared to thomas's orvis bag.

    In my patagonia i can fit 2 large fly boxes, 1 smal;-medium nymph box, 2 extra spools and about 8 different tippet selection with two sinktip wallets, my keys phone and wallet. And that is stuffed,

    the orvis can fit much more and 12 inch subway sandwich
  9. Yes if you are looking to go smaller the patagonia sling atom is a good choice. Has more pockets and I like how it has a waterproof pouch inside for your phone and wallet
  10. I have one. I can't say its in brand new condition but pretty close. PM me your email and I'll send over pics.
  11. Hey Steve,
    Can't find that Orvis coupon, sorry. I was from a few months ago so may have been expired anyway.
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