WTB Raft... Aire, Sotar, NRS, Maravia, Hyside

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Kyle Escamilla, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. I am currently in the market for a 14 foot or larger raft for fishing and white water rafting. Will consider a 13 footer as well.

  2. All brands for fishing are solid rafts. I have fished in 3 of them. For the white water rafting you may want to post up in the mountain buzz website. Those guys are serious about there white water rafting and could probably have some good thoughts.
  3. pulled the trigger on a super puma. Little smaller then I wanted but for the price along with the condition and warranty it had I couldn't pass it up.
  4. Yea seen that. Way out of my budget. Sucks because I found another super puma with warranty, frame, trailer, and oars for $3200. Talked to the guy and he said he would take $2800 but by the time I physically had the money he had it sold. It's ok as I am happy with the purchase I made.

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