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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by SteelyStalker12, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Hello all!

    First off, I am sorry if it causes any problems with me posting this here, if so, delete it and I will post it where it should be! Anyway, I am not new to fly fishing by any means, but I am new to rod building! I want to start building my own custom rods and need to get some of the equipment to do so (lathe, stands, etc.). So, I am looking to see if anyone on this forum has any old setups they might be looking to sell to a new builder. I am not looking to spend a fortune, and I am not looking for the best stuff in the world, just a beginner setup to get me started! Also, any recommendations as to where I can/should get supplies, and what I should look for/stay away from would be greatly GREATLY appreciated!!!! I am sure I will be posting pictures of my project as it progresses!!!! Thank you to everyone in advance, this is a great site with some very knowledgable and generous members!!!!

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    You know,all you need is a cardboard box with notches cut in it and a phone book for a tensioner.Thaat will get you by.Get the DVD by L.A.Garcia and you see what I mean.Make a rod or two and if you like it get an lps wrapper.It reallt is the best.does it all;mills cork,spins at 6 rpm for expoxy setting and thread wraPPING.jUST AN EXCELLANT WELL MADE MACHINE MADE BY bATSON-tHRYARE A SPONSOR,RIGHT?
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    I am building my first rod right now. I spent exactly $0 on my wrapping setup. Used a very sharp chef's knife to carve out a styrofoam box for the jig, used the lid to hold the thread tensioner (college Spanish class finally paying off) and thread (shoved a knitting needle into the foam to act as a spindle), and used my tying lamp for better lighting. The only downside was the the foam squeeked while turning the rod, so I lined it with a piece of shop paper towel.
    Thread tension setup.jpg wrapping setup.jpg

    Now if I were to start building a bunch more, I would spend the money to get a commercially available one.

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    I like using a bobbin for the thread.