FS WTB Ross Gunnison 2 or 3 reels and spools

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Chester Allen, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Mine got stolen, and I need to hear that racket when the fish pulls line.

    PM me if you've got a G2 or G3 and want to sell. I'd prefer the newer model, as I've already got some spools loaded up.

    Many thanks....
  2. I have a Gunnison 2 spool pre '98. I bought it by accident and can't use it because I can't switch it to reel lefty with my post '98 reel.
  3. I've got a pre 94 G-3 spool in great shape. Thinking $80 shipped- Let me know if interested.
  4. I have a black g-3 reel and spool for $200. spool has a wf-6-s line. the spools look good but the reel has some rash on it. how do you tell if it is pre or not pre. got it in a trade and have never used it. I have a friend who lives in Olympia so we could avoid ship. mike w

  5. I'm interested! I'm really, really interested if it is a post-1998 reel.

    Pre-1998 Gunnison reels have six big holes on the frame plate of the reel. These reels were built between 1995-98. Post-1998 Gunnison reels have a bunch of smaller holes on the frame plate. They were built between 1998 and 2003. A post-1998 Gunnison spool has two screw heads on the inside side of the spool.

    Here is a helpful link from the Ross website: http://www.rossreels.com/images/tec...Post 1998 Gunnison Reels and Their Spools.pdf
  6. I will buy this if I end up buying a pre-1998 reel. I'll be in touch soon!
  7. Cool. Let me figure out whether I'm going to end up with the older or newer model. If I end up with the older, I'm into buying your spool.

  8. I think it is a pre model. I have had the reel and spool for 5-6 years and am in no hurry. I will hold it for you for several months. mike w
  9. I don't think you can mix the pre and post models. I could be wrong but have always heard that. I have nine pre-94 and pre-98 reels in sizes 2-5. I'd like to find a decent pre-94 G-1 someday to complete the collection. I use them all the time. Good luck, Chester. Hope you find one. I know how you feel about them.
  10. Steve,
    Great to hear from you! You're right about not mixing the models. That said, they're all very cool -- and very good -- reels. I have other reels, but I'd rather fish the Gunnison -- made in the USA, great drag, great quality and bulletproof. I hear rumors that Ross is thinking about making some version of a Gunnison.

    If I find the G-1 you're looking for, I'll give you a buzz.
  11. I think it depends what model year you have in a reel and what model year you have in a spool as far as interchanging goes.

    I have a pre '98 Gunnison IV and it may even be a pre '94, but I have been able to use post '98 spools on it and convert the spools to left hand retrieve.

    My Gunnison 2 reel is post '98 and one of the spools I bought as I mentioned above, was pre '98. Can't change the spool to left and have it work. However, it works fine if you reel right handed.

    You can talk to Bjorn at the Fly Fisher about it as well.

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