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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by musashi, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Would like to acquire any of the SAGE's 503L, 504L, 505L reels. Please pm me if you have one for sale or trade. :thumb:
  2. Check e-bay, and put in a bid around $300 you'll get them. I got a 509 last year for $240. They come up on e-baby about once a month. Best click and pawl ever made, maybe best reel ever made.
  3. 'Best click and pawl ever made, maybe best reel ever made'

    A dressed up Marquis the best ever? Compared to what? A stamped medalist? You have got to be kidding, right? Have you/do you ever use anything besides out of production pro-formed Sage rods and reels? Why don't you share a list of other reels that you have extensively studied and used to be able to make this outlandish claim?

  4. Geez William you really are in a bad mood aren't you? First of all, you have confused yourself; you are thinking about the 100 series reels, made by young:


    What I am talking about is the 500 series reel, like this:


    So it pays to know what your talking about before spewing off your mouth at someone.

    Since you brought it up I am extremely qualified to make the statement I did. I've owned or used just about every major manufacturer's reels in the past 25 years, from a Bogdan to an inexpensive SA 4/5/6. You name it I've used it. Charlton, peerless, McNeese, Okuma, Streamline, Hardy, Pfluger, Young, Pate, whatever. Those old sage reels were made by hardy and are machined (a St. George on steroids) not stamped or cast, have extra strong springs and pawls, and are a great value - they cost about the same used as they did new even with about 20 years of inflation. All the ones I own were bought off e-bay. They are nice and tight and last forever. What more could you want?

    Give me a break. I have an opinion, if you don't like it, too bad.:beathead: If you have some valuable input, we're waiting to hear it, othewise go back to your cave and leave me alone.
  5. TJ-

    I think the confused one is YOU. I'm quite aware of which reels you are talking about. Thank you though. Best reel ever? I'm still chuckling at that statement.

  6. as a longtime user of the 500 series, I love them, yet agree they're just gussied up Marquis reels. ok, machined (bfd). The handles on sub-509s are too small - while proportionally ok on the 503 and 504, they remain annoyingly small in practice. The biggest advantage is no plastic drag adjustment knob to get stripped out, and that happens on the Marquis sometimes, but the reel is fundamentally a gussied up Marquis. Not nearly as smooth as a bearing reel, but their weight is right to balance lightweight graphite rods compared to many higher end classics. The orig CFO are other nice reels and fundamentally similar, and I them just as much if not more for simplicity and lightweight w/o that bronze flash, except they also suffer from dinky handles in the sub-VI sizes. A non-bearing reel will only ever be marginally smooth, but I can't recall ever losing a fish because a reel lacked bearings.
  7. Like I said inland, I'm we're all still waiting for some valuable input.These forums are here to express opinions and help each other out, not for taking pot shots at other people. I love those reels and if you don't like it well then too bad.
  8. I got the 504L and 508 :)
    The 504 goes a 4 wt and 508 on my 6wt...not sure if they are the best ever made but very pleasing to the eyes.

    BTW, not for sale:p
  9. there's a difference between "my favorite" and "best ever"

    one is ad type, one is opinion, and neither conveys helpful information
  10. Valuable input TJ?

    Pot shots at what? Your claim that everything you do and say is the best? While everybody that disagrees with your POV is an idiot? All because you used to guide in Alaska and had your gear at pro-form price?

    After all you stated about the reels you use(d)...why does that make you qualified to make the claim that Hardy/Sage 500 series reels are the best ever made spring-n-pawl and possibly best reel ever made? What criteria are you using to judge this? You made the claim, not me. I never said I didn't like them- you keep assuming. I just want to know what makes them the best ever? I have every bit the background with reels, TJ, and more. But thank you. I can hardly make the claim as to which one is 'best ever'. There are many great reels. I see some as better for reasons others might not. It's really a personal thing that has no bearing on what you or anyone else should think.

  11. "Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis is the best video game ever."

    "No, Donkey Kong is the best video game ever."

    "Donkey Kong sucks!"

    "You suck!"

    Seriously though, no click-pawl reel would ever be in the running for "best reel ever", and even if it was it would be the Islander IR, so there you go :p
  12. im telling you Brendan..okuma airstream, hands down.. dont mess with me! i cut you!
  13. Not looking for a pissing match, but I thought the Sage 500 series had the kind of spring arrangement that the St. George and St. John have. Do they have the same spring arrangement as the Marquis series?
  14. salmo, you are correct on the drag arrangement, the rim is also slightly different from the Marquis, more robust like the later JLH
  15. TJ-

    All I'm doing is strongly calling BS on your close minded opinions about the gear you use. There is a world of new rods and lines out there since the 7136 and 7141 came along. Things have improved tremendously in lines too. Anybody who always advocates one or two specific OUT OF PRODUCTION rods matched to one specific line system is providing valuable input for what? And NEARLY every time anybody posts something differing in opinion about rod length, line weight, or head length you immediately have a rebuttal attempting to discredit the information. Right back to the old BS argument of you determining what an angler 'needs'. Don't you think it a bit smart to find out exactly how the angler is intending to fish? Where? What are their prefered method(s)? How much overlap? What kind of rod action they prefer in the single hand world? What their ultimate goal might be 5-10-20 years down the road? Be able to accurately give credible real life information on several rods and makers ranging from noodle slow to ultra fast in several lengths to cover the anglers intended use?

    Can you effectively move from 5wts to 11 wts, 10' to 17', Skagit heads to Scando to long bellies (and everything inbetween- using the various casting methods that best suit the line system), ultra fast action vs noodles? And be able to cast each rod and line system by nailing 9/10 casts with tight loops, high line speed, and have it ALL turn over before softly falling to the water? There are plenty of casters (some of which are the best in the world) that frequent this site (and more specifically the other one) that can and do all of the above. I honestly think you're oblivious to who these people are...and it might do you some good to continue your learning. Or are you just that good?

  16. All Right! ENOUGH ALREADY. :ray1:

    Chill out guys.
  17. I'm still looking... for the reel... not a debate!
  18. This thread could have remained buried.

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