WTB: Simms Dry Creek Chest/Hip Pack

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Cole, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Dry Creek Chest/Hip Pack

    Or their Dry Creek Roll Top Lumbar Pack

  2. oops, sorry thought you were selling...
  3. Cole,
    Stick with the roll top lumbar as the zippers on the other bags leak, hell they suck water into the gear. The roll top however is a first rate piece of gear. Just use a seam ripper to remove the velcro fuzz patch which does nothing but hold water to dump in your gear bag or vehicle at the end of the day. And of course the zipper on the outside pocket leaks so don't use that pocket for anything you don't want to swim. Don't ask how I learned this:rofl:
  4. Those bags last for 2 seasons tops. My buddy had the bottom fall out of his while at the river. No shit, the bottom fell out and dumped the contents. It still looks brand new until you turn it over.
  5. I have a roll top that it going on 5 years nows. It has seen some serious use guiding and fishing all around.Still in good shape, with some wear on the outside, but still waterproff. Go with a Roll top for the zipper reasons mentioned already.
  6. Jason B,
    I am confused as on the Roll Top at least the bottom and front and back are a single piece of fabric with the end pieces welded to the edges of this single piece of fabric to create the bag. How exactly can the bottom fall out?
  7. Damn, already sold.

    Thanks for the link though.
  8. My buddy had the zipper one.

    The way that the bottom falls out is from fly boxs and other things being crammed in there and the pressure from this. I guess "fell out" was misleading. It split the fabric and dumped everything out. It didn't eve split on a seam and this is why I don't like those bags, the fabric does not appear to be bomb proof.

    Also, my buddy fishes 4 to 7 days a week and does a lot of hiking. He wears gear out fast so you can keep that in mind in case you only get out every so often.

    If you get one, just don't cram it with gear I guess.

    On another note, I tried a bunch of those bags and always found them to be too small so I am back to a big fishing vest.
  9. I have one for sale if you are still interested. Orange, hip/chest (zippertop) configuration, excellent condition, used 1 spring season, has my name and address on the bottom.

    If you can get over that last tidbit (some folks can't), You can have it for $35 + shipping.
  10. Been there, done that. Go with fishpond packs. I've been trashing their "guide" model waist pack for a couple seasons now with absolutely no problems...pretty good quality stuff.
  11. I was real pleased with mine at first, but after having it for maybe 5 months the main zipper took a dump. I didn't really cram it or anything it just took a crap.
  12. I have the guide model now and I love it...but its not waterproof or very water resistant for that matter. I'm also looking for a waterproof/high resistant waist pack. Since I steelhead a lot it has to be waterproofish. What do you guys use??
  13. I had the same Fishpond rig and likewise found that the bag was not waterproof/water resistant. The Belt is the best available however. So after using the Simms waterproof backpack for a number of years in more boats and on more river banks than I will admit too, I purchased the Dry Creek Roll Top Lumbar Pack. Took the Simms pack off the belt and mounted it on the Fishpond belt and have the best of both worlds. The bag (except the zippered front pocket) is completely waterproof and has more room than the Fishpond bag. The way the buckles are designed the base of each is rigid on the bag so you can open and close them with one hand without looking at the bag. Works for me.
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