FS WTB: Solo backpacking tent/gear needed!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Moose38, May 21, 2013.

  1. Moose38 Member

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    I booked a trip out to Zion NP for the week of June 3rd and am in need of some equipment. I'm specifically looking for a small tent to lug around with me. The smaller the better. Also looking for cooking equipment like a small burner or stove and even a water purifier. This is my first trip out west so if anyone has been out to Zion and can give some advice I'd very much appreciate that as well.

  2. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    Zion is amazing...that whole area is amazing.
    PM me for ideas.
    REI rentals may be your best bet for gear, unless you want to own it.
  3. Islander Steve

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    I have a North Face Starlight I'll sell. Only used a few times before I bought my REI Halfdome. $75 plus actual shipping cost.
  4. tonemike fish'n glass

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  5. Moose38 Member

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    Any idea on the packed dimensions and weight?

    I'm looking for something lighter than 4 lbs. Ideally a 2lb tent.
  6. Eyejuggler Beech Nut

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  7. Billy McFly Active Member

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    I'm into the ultra-light backpacking thing. This is the tent i use. It's very roomy and comfortable compared to other one man tents I've had. You do need trekking poles with this or buy his optional tent poles.
    This tent weighs 1Lb. If the forecast looks really good I'll just take an ultralight tarp and some poles (and a bug net).


    Like all ultralight stuff you need to be careful with it but I've never had any problems. Over the last two summers I've done 200+ miles and 15 nights with it.

    This alcohol stove has been pretty amazing as well. The whole thing with its carry case is 10oz with 4 days worth of fuel.

    Last season my 4-day pack with food and water weighed 23-24 lbs. and thats a solo setup...
  8. Salmo_g Active Member

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    I have a Mountain Hardware ultra light solo tent, 2# in bag with poles. Footprint ground cloth adds 4 oz I think. Used once. Got married and now using a larger tent. Maybe $100?

  9. Billy McFly Active Member

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    That's a damn good deal!..... I cant think of any way I can justify another solo tent. :(
  10. Islander Steve

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    Sorry, on the scale in the stuff sack it's 5lbs.
  11. TonyZ Member

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    Look into a bivy sack rather than a tent, and a lightweight alcohol stove if you are planning on mainly boiling water and not cooking meats and such on it too often. Food wise, my local Costco had 10 packs of full sized mt house meals for around 50 (i got in trouble coming home with three boxes) a box, saved about 2-3 a meal compared to the sporting goods store single pack prices