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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Allison, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. The Fly Tyer's Benchside Reference to Techniques and Dressing Styles

    Best price I can find for this book is $75 used. Anyone got a copy they want to sell for a price a girl can afford?

  2. Alison, I've got a copy and in all honesty, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've had to look something up in it. That's not to say that I'm ready to sell it or give it away. But find a copy in a store and spend a half an hour looking at it carefully. I think you'll agree that if money's tight, you can put $60 or so to better use. Then, if you get stumped on a technique, just post a query here.

  3. If Overstock regularly carries it then I can get it when they sell it for less than that. Kent, I know the forum and the Net in general has all the information I need, but one of the guys in the Trail Blazers tells me it's a must-have. I'm going to need to look at a copy before I buy at this point.
  4. Hmmmm, I have a cpl copies like Kent , I agree . I have never even cracked my copies. I have and did peruse a few elsewhere but have never felt needed to crack mine. I think that any info you are going to need at this point can be found for a lot aless $$$$ or even free at this point. I am not saying don't buy it if you wish to own it. It is a fairly well collection of literature but not a "must have." IMO. I am curious as to what you think is in it that you need help with? Just ask here. There are hundreds of tyers on here that I am sure will share their collective wisdom in a microrise.

    happy tyin
  5. There's so much I don't know how to do yet. My soft hackles are marginal, my rubber legs are a mess, and don't even ask me about anything to do with dry flies, I'm just trying to get the wets going on first.

    I have the disadvantage of being a very visual learner. I am pretty good with my hands in general, but some (many) of my flies are just a disaster at this point. I figure if I'm going to have all this tying stuff, I want to be able to tie pretty much anything I might need. Classes tend to be pretty 'spensive, and the videos I've seen aren't great.

    I also have a fair amount of stuff in my tying box that I don't even know what it is, or what the appropriate substitutions are......
  6. post deleted, just buy the book
  7. Allison, I got my copy for free (except for $10 shipping and handling) when I subscribed for 5 years of Flyfishing and Tying magazine. I had wanted it for a while, but didn't know if it was worth the price or not.

    It is good, however I don't use it very often, since I find the best way for me to learn new tying techniques is to see it in person. Recently I tied my first tube flies and that's a fun way to tie!

    Anyway, the Overstock deal is good, or maybe check some place like Half Price Books, depending if theres one in the area you live.

    If you don't have it, a good beginning tying book is "Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris, Rick Hafele, and Richard Bunse". It goes step by step through flies and teachs you new techniques with each fly you tie. I know you were asking some questions about Wooley Buggers, and thats the second or third fly in the book. It starts with a simple nymph and works its way up and has great pictures to show you the techniques.

    Good luck!

  8. Alison

    Everytime a question comes up on fly tying books in the UK, this one is in the top three recommended. So recommended it is, that this year it is finally on my Christmas List!

  9. At the risk of pointing out something you may already know, King County Public Library has several copies of it. You can keep it for a fairly long time by renewing it just as it's due back, assuming nobody else has placed a hold on it in the interim.
  10. I don't think I'm eligible to use the county library as I am eligible to use the Seattle library system. The Seattle library system doesn't have the book.

    I could be wrong about Seattle residents and the county liberry tho.
  11. I'd want a better reason than that to plunk down $60 to $100 for the book unless I was damned sure it was gonna be worth that much.

    From personal experience, I got a LOT more useful information from both Dave Hughes' 'Trout Flies: The tier's reference' (http://www.amazon.com/TROUT-FLIES-Reference-Dave-Hughes/dp/0811716015/ref=pd_sim_b) and his 'Essential trout flies' (http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Trout-Flies-Dave-Hughes/dp/0811727483/ref=pd_sim_b).

    As I see it, the Benchside Reference, while thorough, contains quite literally hundreds of techniques described in excrutiating detail, the vast majority of which you'll never use or need. The other two books focus only on the techniques needed to tie flies that most of us will actually use. Plus, they're both a LOT cheaper than the Benchside Reference.

  12. seems like a lot of tying practice time has been wasted on this thread. As a beginning tyer, stick to that. Get a simple tying book until one can wrap a variety of techniques correctly. Then that book may be for you. Unless your plan is to just master this stuff in 3 and half months. You can do that too, the rest of us did, right?
  13. You do get full access to the KCLS system as a Seattle resident, with the sole exception that you cannot place a hold on KCLS items.

  14. If you have something productive to add, I'm all for that. If you're just going to browbeat me and be an attention whore, well find someone else. This forum is generally kick-ass, but I guess there has to be one in every bunch, eh?:hmmm:
  15. I have the book and love it, so many techniques, and it also works great for a weight for the steamed spey feathers. Got mine through Amazon for the $75. just fine a rental dvd of said then make a backup.


  16. not crowbeating you just telling yuh there are no shortcuts ,just assistance. That said, it just seems you are spending a awful lot of time trying to save a few pennies on a book you don't really need, but if you want thats fine, at the same time your headed straight into a hobby that is not conducive to saving a "few pennies" to say the least. Some very qualified individuals on here gave you sound advice and you poo-pooed it claiming some "other" expert had other idea's. Then you want more. Seems very trollish to me is all, maybe not, but , still. There's many people on this board that would " give, lend , offer " materials, literature, help, whatever,, if they are asked and think the assistance is warranted and worth giving, myself included. That just doesn't seem the case anymore when it comes to the originator of this thread. Given that line of reasoning, your request, at least of me, is granted
  17. I got it used off amazon for $50.00, and I find it one of the most useful books I own on techniques. The best thing about the book, in my opinion, is that it gives you 4-5 different ways or acheiveing a result. I am a big fan, and would highly reccomend owning it.
  18. alot can be learned from your friend google

    and swing into your local fly shop when i get stumped on some flies swing and then she are more then willing to show me step by step
    i found my best ties has been from at the shop or even a customer saying ha i know that,,,,,here is what you do

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