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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jack Murphy, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Bought a new setup from Cabelas. See post below.

    I am getting ready to introduce my 9YO to fly fishing :thumb: and would like to get him a used setup. He doesn't need anything super-fancy to get started but I would like him to have a decent rod and reel so he could keep it and use it for a long time. I wish I still had my first setup (I broke the rod while in college) 5WT or 6WT, I think.

    Anyone with any ideas please post.

  2. I don't know how much you want to spend, but my 10 y/o uses a TFO Outfit 5/6. The TFO outfits come with rod,reel,backing,line,leader, and a rod/reel case. You can buy one on ebay for around $150.

    My older boys have these and they take abuse well. The four year old has a Cabela's Clear Creek 5.5 ft 4wt. It was recently on sale for $59.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I would endorse the TFO setups. Great value and you get a solid warranty, I know from experience, just in case there is an accident.
  4. The first questions that springs to mind is: what’s the budget? I am definitely an advocate of not too fancy but good enough to use for long time or as my dad who taught me to fish always said: “Never buy a cheap tool.”

    I started my son with my old 7’6” Fenwick fiberglass rod from the 1960’s at zero cost. I took it out to a little local stream last summer for a 40th anniversary celebration. (Sorry that rod is not for sale though you can sometimes find them on eBay.)

    So here’s what I think you should do: buy a new Echo Classic 8’ 4wt. They cost $150. Get an Orvis Clearwater line (or something comparable) for $30. You can get a Pflueger Medalist like I had on my old Fenwick for $25. The line and reel are expendable and can always be upgraded. The rod is a good quality item and not only will last for a long time but just might be a continuing source of joy.

    One other consideration: how many rods do you have? If you fish the standard 9’ 5wt a shorter lighter rod is a nice addition to your arsenal – when your son isn’t using it.

    To paraphrase the commercial: fly rod, reel and line $205. Showing your son where to cast and handing him the rod just before the trout strikes: priceless.
    -- Larry
  5. Since you posted, I'll assume budget is an issue or you could just hit up your nearest fly shop and get out your credit card. Hit up a few garage sales, Craigs List, and Ebay. Fiberglass rods may be passe among the fashionably elite, but millions of fish were caught on them before graphite came along to make us think we're better anglers. If trout and panfish are your son's quarry, any fly reel that holds line will do and shouldn't cost more than $10. The above sources will yield very servicable fly lines for $25 or less. A good rod, reel, and line should be had for $60, plus or minus. He may keep such an outfit for a long time, but if fly fishing gets in his blood, he'll end up with a closet full of rods and gear like most of us.

  6. I got my son started on a Cabela's rod/reel combo when was ten or so. Couldn't beat the price which also included flyline. He still uses it and will continue to do so for as sporadically as he fishes with it. When he gets more serious about doing more of it with me then I'll think about upgrading. Would recommend a 5wt no matter what you end up getting. Good luck- enjoy the time learning him the ways!
  7. Well Salmo has done a good job of keeping his eye on the ball instead of riding some nostalgic hobby horse off into the sunset like yours truly. Yes, a used fiberglass rod is a great idea. There are lots of old Fenwicks – my favorite -- and other brands on eBay. The older fiberglass rods will be heavier with metal ferrules – the later types will have lighter butt over tip joints.

    Brookie Hunter who also hangs out here is fond of recommending “Wright McGill Granger IM7” fly rods. A search of this site with “Granger” will get you to his posts. Looks like you can get a 3 or 5 wt for as little as $25.

    I like the idea of a shorter lighter rod for a kid – more their size – but of course it depends where you fish and what size of fish you encounter. Good luck on this. I’d be happy to hear how it turns out for you.
    -- Larry
  8. St. Croix rod for sale on other thread :thumb:
  9. I guess $125 or under for rod, reel and line. I would't mind buying them all separately. I am currently looking on fleabay but I would rather buy stuff from people on this site.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  10. Right now in the classifieds there are a few options that look good. Shouldn't be too tough to find someone on this site willing to sell to you.
  11. I have a new pair of simms waders neop. size small king your son can have no charge any interest???
  12. PM sent.
  13. Jack, I'll endorse the glass rod as well. Virtually indestructible (always seemed a car door would kill them before a fish would) and really teach you the casting stroke. They are forgiving in a fish fight. Plus, I think it's GREAT to learn on one. Mostly because it builds your stamina. I used to fish an old 9' 8wt fenwick (and still do occasionally) all day long at 10 years old for steelhead and a 9' 9wt for salmon. Yes, 10 years old. When I bought my first graphite it was a breeze. Even to this day, I can cast a big graphite rod all day and don't have the "soreness" or "tiring" issues some have (and that's with a severe back and shoulder injury under my belt now).

    Those old sweetheart rods from eagle claw are just that, sweethearts. Cheap and you don't cringe if you break it. Put a plueger on it and call it a day.

    But, those cheap cabela's outfits aren't bad either. I don't fish trout much, but bought one of the $59 combo's about 18 years ago just to leave in my UPS truck for those days I'd be buy a trout lake on the route I was doing and had a blast. Was a little 4wt 4 piece they had. Served the purpose well.
  14. check out cabelas (bargain cave). tfo/lefty kreh combos with line $160! and others.
  15. I'll endorse the Cabelas line of products. At Christmas time this last year I got some gift cards to Cabelas. Went down to Lacey just after Christmas and bought a 7'6" 5wt combo with a CSR reel and line for $80 + tax. So far, I've used it quite a bit and love it. I will be either buying or building a 2wt rod from Cabelas probably near the holidays again.
  16. check out seirra trading post or troutlet.com for some deals...
  17. Thanks for all the ideas, I'm still thinking/looking.
  18. I have a very nice 8'6" 5wt TFO pro with tube and sock I would let go for $90 shipping to you. It is a very clean rod.

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