FS WTT/FS: the original 8wt heliply - Scott G 888/3HP

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    Looking to trade an excellent condition Scott G 888/3HP for a Scott HP 888/3 (either the original late-90's to early 2000's version [which is actually not the original version] or the 2006 "classic" re-issue).

    For those that don't know, there have been two different Scott heliply designs - the original RG and G series heliply rods (the RG and G blanks were, I believe, identical but for cosmetic differences) and the HP series heliply rods which were cosmetically nearly identical to the G series but were designed with faster actions than the RG and G series which had more, well, G-like actions. Unfortunately I only learned this myself after buying the G series version thinking it was the same as the HP version that I had tried and fallen in love with. The G series version is a beautiful and fantastic rod - it's just not the rod that I was looking for.

    I'd prefer a straight up trade with anyone who has the HP version and is interested in trying the slightly slower more classically flexing G version, but given that my odds of finding that match are pretty slim, I'll consider offers as well.

    Pics available on request.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Good luck!
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