WTT: Sage Z-Axis 590-4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by athabascae, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. athabascae

    athabascae New Member

    This is likely a long shot, but here goes: I have a lightly used Sage Z-Axis 590-4, factory built, with the original rod tube and sock that I would be willing to trade for a similarly lightly used, factory built Sage Z-Axis 690-4, ZXL 690-4, or SLT 690-4 if anyone has one and is interested in the 5 weight.

    PM me if interested. Thanks.
  2. athabascae

    athabascae New Member

    Still looking...
  3. cellarrat

    cellarrat New Member

    If this is still available, any interest in selling instead of trading?
  4. wilyj

    wilyj Uncle Wily

    I'm also interested in buying your 590-4 ZA. I have 2 691-4s and love them. There are couple of 691s on eBay now. If you're interested, what will you take for the 590-4? Jeff Wieland, 541-280-3237, wilyj8@yahoo.com