WTT: Sage Z-Axis 6126-4 for 8129-4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by steff_dk, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. WTT: Sage Z-Axis 6126-4 for 8129-4 or T&T 1308

    Anyone has the Z-Axis 8 weight or a T&T 1308, that wants to go light?

    I have the 6126-4. It's only seen little use, and I'll throw in the Windcutter 5/6 (used a couple of weeks only).

  2. Consider selling the rod? If so, how much $?
  3. Bought the rod from speykid on this board in March (http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board/showthread.php?t=38054).
    Beautiful rod, but I need more weight - I only want to have one spey rod since I dont use them very often, and this is too light to be all-round for Norway etc.
    I'm actually coming to CA for x-mas and new year (live in Denmark), so I could bring it, and ship it from within the US.

    $ 600.00 gets you: Rod, sock, tube, blank warranty card, a lightly used Rio Windcutter Spey Floating 5/6 and free shipping within the US. Paypal okay.
    Would still prefer a trade though ... Would also consider trading it for a T&T 1308 if anyone's up for that ...
  4. Would you trade for a Sage 9140-4 barely used? I have the windcutter line also to trade lines with you. Let me know.
  5. Hi Yak - thanks for your offer. However, I'm afraid it's the Z-Axis or T&T I'm after.
    A nine weight would be fine too ...

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