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  1. Pyranha i3. Great river running boat for a smaller paddler. Great playboat for a larger paddler. I guided a few trips on the Middle Fork out of this boat and otherwise it has seen little use. First $200 takes it.

    No, you cannot wear waders in this boat. No, this is not an appropriate boat to fish out of.

    I'm having an issue uploading an image so they may not appear. Ping me back if you want to see what it looks like.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. Marty, do you have the spray skirt and paddle as well? Weight/Height recommendations?
  3. I might have a skirt kicking around. I have two paddles but both were made for me and are identical, so I don't want to split them up.

    I am about 5' 9" - 10". The foam pieces for foot braces are in place for my body, but could be pried out or added to. The bow is plenty voluminous and would probably fit someone to 6'1". As far as weight... I think you will find that someone 165 pounds and under could get away with a lot in this boat. Once you start to hit 180 you have to pay attention to your posture and drive the front of the boat - which is just proper technique. If you not you'd get stern squirted in more turbulent eddie lines. At 180 pounds, paddling this boat on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in June when it is at higher flows is not an issue. However as a guide, because of its lower volume, it makes a poor rescue platform.

    It surf amazingly well and is super loose on waves. If you are looking for something to boat the Middle Middle, South Fork or Wenatchee this is a great boat for those waters. If you want to do something more on the steep creek side you'd be better off in a purpose designed boat for that.
  4. 180? Lol, I haven't seen 180 since the 8th grade....

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