Wynoochee River Bait Restrictions?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Connor H, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Connor H

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    So this last weekend, a good friend and I fished for 2 days on the Nooch. In the Regs it lists this river under selective gear rules, which is single barbless and no bait. While fishing, we noticed 4 out of the 8 boats on our stretch fishing bait, and 3 of these boats were obviously guides with clients. My buddy and I were is shock, and were not going to call out these guides in front of clients, but we were confused at people blatantly breaking the law. Is there something we are missing or should I contact the authorities?
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  3. Connor H

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    Hey, Thanks Stonefish! I was like, there is no freaking way this should be happening...
  4. PT

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    Not everyone is content with a single grab every other trip, if they're that lucky.

  5. Chris Bellows

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    Of course you need bait to hook more than a single fish on gear.

    The problem with bait is the higher C&R mortality and the impact on non-targeted species... Along with egg cures that poison juvenile fish.

    Bait has no place in C&R fisheries. Selective fisheries should be the only choice in wild steelhead fisheries.
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  6. PT

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    Not going into the science of fishing with bait. My comment was about placing my values on other's as to fishing style. One more flyflinger poking at the gear crowd which does nothing to further the sportfisher's agenda... And, there is no consensus what that is or if there even is one.

    We have the numbers, but lack direction.
  7. PT

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    To add, sandshrimp under a float has brought hundreds of fish to hand without 1 fish taking it in the tongue or any deeper than right in the beak.

    Can't say that for the hundreds I've taken on the swing. Not beating my chest. Just pointing out there can be a misconception that all baitfishers are mortally wounding all their nates.

    Not saying bait should be allowed in all fisheries. I understand the impact on smolts. Also understand the different ways bait is fished which has different results as described above.
  8. PT

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    I hear ya'.
  9. Charles Sullivan

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    They never poke at us right? I mean it's not like gear guys call flyfishermen names or try and belittle them.

    I agree with you that it doesn't help. The gear fishing crowd would be served to have a little thicker skin though. For all the horsepower on their sleds and pick ups, if you make any joke about them they tend to go Sally Jessie Rafael on you.

    Go Sox,
  10. Smalma

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    I find the whole discussion about bait bans on anadromous waters both interesting and depressing.

    While focus typically is on the adult steelhead where the benefits from such bans are fairly marginal. The real benefits of bait bans is in the protection of juvenile salmonids, resident rainbows and sea-run cutthroat. Quite few studies have pegged the mortality of such fish caught bait and then released to be in the 30% range. For the juveniles most of the mortalities occur during the summer (the juveniles are not very active during the winter) while with the larger fish it is a year round issue.

    More and more info is showing that having significant resident rainbow component in our rivers O. mykiss populations can play a role in the stability of those populations. This is especially so during periods of low marine survival (like is currently being experienced in the Puget Sound region).

    What is depressing is how little support potential bait bans receive from the angling community whether they are hard core bait anglers or those that routinely fish with selective gear (fly anglers etc). If it doesn't directly affect adults the discussions quickly end.

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  11. Chris Bellows

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    it aint direction that's the problem, it is apathy. even with a fragmented angling community we agree on some things... but few people take the time to simply send an e-mail or fill out a comment form to let the managers know their opinion.

    sad when 25 sportfishermen showing up at public testimony is considered "good" turnout.
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  12. Peyton00

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    The only fish that has inhaled my eggs past the gills and into the throat has been the king salmon. It is a very rare occasion that a coho or steelhead swallows the eggs like a king. I don't use large hooks during coho/steelhead fishing, that may help with the hooksets being in the jawline.
    I have not thought about the juveniles and the egg cures... i need to read up on this subject. This could be another reason to transition into flyfishing for steelhead.
  13. Befishin

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    Getting back to the Nooch, looks like this thread went sideways, if your fishing with bait and catching hatchery fish and kill'em, who cares where you hook'em or with what? I fish the Nooch alot and don't use bait, stinks, costs money, is always rotten at MonteSquare and makes me stop at the store at 5am for rot gut coffee. Ain't going to do it. I fish mostly in the "selective gear only area" anyway so its a none issue. The trick to catching fish up there with streamers, worms, bugs, and thugs is going where they're hanging out. If they're not home, you can have a baskeball size herring on that spey cannon and your going to catch zipo!
  14. HauntedByWaters

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    I fish gear a bit these days and I fish crap that fly anglers do, just deeper. No scent and no bait unless I am a guest on a boat and am asked to fish their way.

    Pinks worms, beads, jigs, spoons. Pretty much what fly anglers try real hard to bring to the table for a steelhead dinner.

    Anyway, my point is that many gear fishermen like myself and many I know are all artificial. And many do this to help the fish. And many care more deeply and are more passionate about steelhead than the average fly angler.

    Honestly, I hear a lot more hate from fly to gear than from gear to fly.

    As far as roe fishing and sand shrimp fishing; bait is a crutch IMO. I out fish guys all the time who are using bait. All the stuff you learn fly fishing that you have control of will educate yourself on how to catch them without bait on gear. It's awesome.

    And I say all that as a guy who loves more than anything to hookup on a chromer with a fly I tied. I just know enough nowadays to know what type of hand life, weather, work, and fish gods have dealt me in the poker game of steelhead fishing. Hope is a healthy human thing but hope is simply a state of mind.

  15. Shad

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    The more I see on the river, the less I think it makes any difference what type of stuff people fish. We're all there for the same reason, and most of us go home dreaming about what could have been more days than not. It comes down to what you enjoy doing and what gives you confidence. I've caught fish on a swung fly behind guys fishing all kinds of other stuff. Likewise, I've pounded water for hours, only to have a guy walk in, chuck in something stupid, and hook up immediately. Learn to laugh when the joke's on you; you'll enjoy steelheading that much more.
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    Cause you can't dis on perfection :p
  18. live shrimp on the end of an intruder

    Shrimptruder works everytime
  19. David Dalan

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    Right on! If you cannot laugh about it you're taking things too seriously :)