Wyoming part II

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    tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

    Well dude's and dudets, it's about that time for another report from beautifull Wyoming. In case you haven't read my first report, I have taken a seasonal job at a high mountain lodge just outside of Yellowstone park. The closest town to the lodge is Dubois, wich is a real western town. All of the fishing I report about is within an hours drive. There is so much good water here it truly is amazing!

    So a few weeks back I really wanted to get into some brown trout fishing so I drove down into Dubois, wich is about twenty minutes away, and hit up the Jakeys Fork wich is a trib to the upper Wind river.


    The landscape dramatically changes in just a short drive from the lodge. It goes from high mountain pine tree landscape, to sage plains with deep red rock canyons. And this is what the nearby scenery looks like.


    I've nicknamed the Jakey's Fork, the yellow brick road. Simply because the river rock makes the water seem golden. This picture only gives you a slight impression but to see it in real life simply over whelms you.


    I soon got into a nice little fiesty brown on a clarks golden stone, wich were hatching nicely this day.


    The river seems to have nice pocket water, the trick is to run your fly's just below the low lying trees, through the deeper water. These browns blend in so well it's rare for any sight fishing. But the good holes look like this.


    But again can prduce some great looking browns!


    On the drive out I came across a few female big horn sheep with their young.


    Vast amazing land with spectacular red rock canyons.


    Then yesterday I decided to hit probally one of my top ten best creeks I've ever fished. It really has become a favorite of mine. It is super close to the lodge, and nobody ever fishes it. It holds both yellowstone cutts, and brookies, in super abundance. It's called Black Rock Creek. This is what it looks likes, enjoy!


    It horshoes and esses! Because of that these fishies hold up in deep under cut grass banks. Which really makes for some sweet hoppertunity's. The fish are generally much are bigger. However, these are the pictures I got just to show their colors.


    It also has a great population of yellowstone cutts, and again get much bigger!


    Maybe you too can see why they call it Black Rock creek!


    On the drive back to the lodge the Pinnacle's were exploding!


    And the wild flowers are in full bloom!


    Here's back at the Brooks Lake lodge .

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    Pretty awesome indeed! Hope you're having a good time out there - wait - I know you're having a good time!

    Live it up!
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    I love the small creeks. Great report and pics.
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    Nice report, well illustrated with your photographs. Thank you for sharing. Steve
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    Great report and pics, thanks for posting.
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    Good times Buddy. When are you coming home? We'll hook up with Jason and hit some of you're haunts on the East Fork
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    Pure amazement yet again Thad. Thanks.
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    Great report.
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    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    You are living a dream in God's country! Enjoy and thanks for sharing. I'd love to get out there some day.
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    I'm not much of a destination fisherman but I'd really like to fish in WY someday. Those small creeks are right up my alley! Thanks for inspiring pics!
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    Wyoming, land of the speckled dace! Great report and photos, thanks much for sharing.

  12. Always wanted to make a trip through Wyoming... This just makes the urge that much greater. Thanks for sharing...
  13. Thanks for the great photos and for the memories that flooded back when viewing them. I lived and worked for 8 years in that part of the country back in the '70s.

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    Great pics! Thanks for sharing