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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Missed a call from Aaron R (River Run Angler's) this morning and called him back. "Fred, can I call you back?" "Sure, what's up?" "Trying to help a fellow land a King!"

    Now that I can wait for ....:thumb:
  2. That's a good story. I'll have to drop by and get the scoop.

  3. Story does get better.

    Just talked to Aaron vis a vis the mini-'Clave re info I needed. Anyway, he was apparently giving a client a casting lesson and someone useing a single hander hooks a big King (30# range). Guys beaching the fish and 'tries' to LIFT THE FISH out of the water using his fly rod!!:eek:

    SNAP! Fellow must have been a 'true Orvis Boy;' 'Damned rods aren't worth a darn.':beathead:
  4. Nice!! :thumb:
  5. That river is closed to fishing for Kings.
  6. Kevin, I was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing the fish was hooked unintentionally.

  7. Interesting on the closure info. Maybe the snapped rod was God's way of saying: "you dumb shxt.":beathead: Why not just cut the leader?:confused:
  8. or slide the fish into shallow water, remove the hook after tailing keeping the king in the h20, revive and send him on his way....
    I honestly think that if you hook an out of season quarry while legitimatley fishing for another species you work the fish in very fast and release. easy enough and best for both parties
  9. It is even easier to break them off.
  10. I was fishing for chum (legally) a few years ago and got into a hot one. It snaped a rod at about a foot up from the cork. The current took the rest of the rod down with the fish so it HAD to be landed. Doing so, it also broke at two more spots. Gotta love a good warranty
  11. .............and it's a HELL of a lot cooler and more manly to be able to tell THAT fishing battle story at the shop than "Duuuuuhhhhhhhhhh...........I dunno..........I guess I snapped it off on the passenger door of my rig, duuuhhhhhhh" (actually my buds always break my rods, honest) :rofl:
  12. Exactly.:beer2:

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