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  1. teedub

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    I have this for sale on Craig's List. I use it for lake stuff in eastern WA, but just got another and need the room so it has to go. It's been pampered - no tears, leaks or patches. They sell for around $700 new and I found one on CL for $600. Everything is in good shape. I'm asking $400.

    8 ft 10 in by 4 ft 10 in

    raft 2-1.JPG raft 2-2.JPG raft 2-3.JPG raft 2-4.JPG
  2. Patrick Gould

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    I have the exact same boat. It was a leftover from my days as a cruising boat owner but it turns out to be a perfect all around fly fishing boat for Washington waters. They're even rated for a 4hp motor so you can go crabbing or hit the bigger lakes. They're made by zodiac for West Marine and are high quality. $400 is a good deal.
  3. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Is that a hard bottom in there?
  4. Topstoy

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    I have an Achilles that is the same size that I bought back in 1984 for $7-800 if I recall. I still use it all the time. $400 is a great price for one of these.
  5. teedub

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    The bottom is a combo - Hard slats integrated into the urethane - I am guessing they are fiberglass coated over something pretty stiff. It keeps the weight down but makes the bottom stable in the water.
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  6. Mark Moore

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    Great deal, Great seller. :)
  7. teedub

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    I have bigger pics if anyone wants them (in a fat email).
  8. teedub

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    How about $390 here - this is a great boat for someone. I hate bargaining against me!