Yak Float - 4/26

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Stew McLeod, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Floated the Yak Friday from Red's down to The Slab from about noon until 5.

    Flows were rocking (3200 I do believe) and the river was colored up a bit. I spent most of the time chucking nymphs - primarily large stone flies. Others in the party stuck to dries (both large and small).

    The only success we had was a double set up I had, first fly was a dry EHC (black body) and a brownish caddis emerger (wet fly). I landed two on the emerger and had 2 good hits on it that were not quit LDR's and many bumps.

    Both fish were caught on a dry-fly swing at the end of the swing.

    Still beat a day at the office.

  2. ..and I got a chance to try out the new-to-me Sage LL 3 wt (also happend to be the rod I caught the fish on). What a charm to cast! It will probably now replace my current favorite 3 wt (St Croix Avid).

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  3. Cool, glad you had the LL experience.
  4. There are days that sitting in the dentist's chair is better than being at work... Boeing is so not like the company I started with 27 years ago...but I digress. As much a St. Croix fan as I am, no doubt the LL series, and the 389 in particular, would be the top pick from my quiver!

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