Yak or Lenice?

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  1. Gonna go eastside tomorrow trying to decide between Yak or Lenice. And If I do the yak, my favorite stretch is Reinhardt to ringer, but not sure with these water flows if I should be higher up the river ... opinions?
  2. 4 pack of IPA talls tonight and two aspirin in the am....when you wake up drive east....If the Yak high keep on driving to your lake.
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  3. None of your attachments came through ...
  4. Had a good float yesterday down the yak. I did irene to ringer. I usually float it when it's like 1200 so 3200cfs was a weird experience. Lots of the places I like to fish were underwater. I saw 3 other boats on the float yesterday. Fishing was slow, though I got lucky and pulled 5 from one pool, ended the day with 8 (best was about 17") I even employed my tenkara rod and picked one on a skwalla dry and on a nymph. Most took the sjw.

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