Yak this coming weekend

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peyton00, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Peyton00

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    I am going over with a friend, we are taking his DB. I usually float from KOA down to Ringer. He likes to float the canyon. I would like water with visibility better than a cup of coffee. We are going over Thursday nite and staying thru Sunday if the river is nice to us.
    Which sections should we float? Any info and types of flies is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    This thread is 2 days old and i haven't had a single response with any kind of direction from the locals or wise old men. I wont give up on you guys. Thanks for playin'.;)
  3. Patrick Gould

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    I usually visit the river every day, but haven't checked it out since this weekend. The flows look high, and we're in for some warm weather so It'll probably get higher and dirtier. My guess is that any section below the Teanaway will be tough, but you never know.
  4. freestoneangler

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    KOA to Ringer is my favorite float on the Yakima...gets my vote. #14-16 olive or tan compardun is always one I keep close at hand this time of year. Have fun and hope you get some players.
  5. teedub

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    There were caddis and mayflies coming off the last two afternoons, but I did not see a lot of fish working surface bugs. It is and will be warming quickly today and tomorrow so the bigger tribs will be adding water and color. Patrick is right.

    You might want to consider putting in at Cle Elum and taking out at the East Cle Elum launch. That will keep you above Teanaway, Swauk and Wilson which will be adding water at a pretty good clip.
  6. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    We were gonna leave ealier tonite, my friend worked late, we will now leave in the am. Thanks for all the input I appreciate the replies. I will give a report when i get back.
  7. c1eddy

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    Floated from Cle Elum to a couple miles below Teanaway River today. Saw zero risers...caught zero fish. Very humbling day on the river. Not sure what they are doing upstream at the reservoirs, but suspect they are making room for upcoming runoff. River was much higher than they had been anticipating...and rising throughout the day. There was lots of submerged debris...old leaves and white cottonwood seedlings...I believe. Made nymphing difficult. River clarity was not bad...about 3-4 feet...but dropping. The Mothers Day caddis hatch is coming on strong...almost blizzard-like at mid-afternoon. Saw no players, though.
  8. Patrick Gould

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    To bad a bout the skunking, but good news on the Caddis. After this water moves through I'll be ready.
  9. teedub

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    My sense is the water is just a bit cold for the fish. I agree there is water coming from the system to make room for the late season snow at the pass and in the Cascades. They have a way of anticipating levels now so they can control the spillovers later when it really warms up. As far as I can see, the growers are not calling for a lot of early season water although the Timothy ranchers have been watering every morning in Thorp and E'burg.

    I already saw one pretty good grass fire just north of Yakima last weekend - so it is dry in spots but the snow the last couple of weekends added significant late season snowpak. I think that is where the junk in the river is coming from.
  10. lespaulrock

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    Fished from Ringer to Roza on Friday. River is high, fast and dirty. Worked really hard for 2 rainbows and some type of bottom sucker.
  11. Peyton00

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    We fished it Friday from Ringer down to Big Pines. Fast moving water, the color was okay. No fish. We left there Saturday am and drove to Fish lake near Wenatchee lake. Plenty of planters caught on green WB. No fish over 12 ".